15 Best Christmas Plants and Flowers to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright 



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Now that the holidays are here, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home feel festive and happy. Adding Christmas plants and flowers is one way to do this. Here are 15 of the best Christmas plants and flowers to give as gifts or to use to decorate your home. 


Holly is the perfect plant if you want to add a little more Christmas cheer to your holiday decorations. Holly is native to Europe and Western Asia, but is also often found in North Africa. It is a shrub or small tree with shiny evergreen leaves and bright red berries that are often used as Christmas decorations. 

Holly has been used as a symbol of Christmas since ancient times, when it was believed to protect against lightning strikes during storms. People give holly plants as gifts to family and friends at Christmas because, according to legend, they are a sign of love and unity between the people who get them. 

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium orchids are exotic, fragrant flowers that can give your Holiday decor a touch of elegance. 


Mistletoe is often used as a Christmas decoration, but it can also be used all year long to decorate your home. Mistletoe plants are parasitic and known as “kissing boughs,” because they’re thought to bring good luck if you hang them over your doorway on Christmas Eve and then kiss someone underneath it. If you want to grow mistletoe inside, choose a type that stays green all year and makes white berries during the winter. 

Poinsettia Poinsettias 

During the Christmas season, poinsettias are a popular plant. With their vibrant colors and star-shaped leaves, Poinsettias add a festive touch to any Christmas celebration. 


Boxwood is a great way to add a bit of holiday cheer to any room thanks to its evergreen leaves and bright green color. 


The Amaryllis is a tropical plant that can be grown both indoors and out. It thrives in warm, humid environments, but it also grows well in containers. During the winter, the plant has beautiful flowers that only last for a few days. They are often used as holiday decorations because they bring color and life inside when there isn’t much to see outside. 

Christmas Cactus 

Christmas Cactus is a great choice for adding a festive touch to any home. This cactus has pink, red, and white flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring. 

Paperwhite Narcissus 

Paperwhites have a sweet smell, which makes them a great addition to any holiday party. These flowers bloom in the winter and come in white and yellow shades. 

Norfolk Island Pine 

Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) is a popular Christmas tree because it lasts a long time, is easy to take care of, and has a beautiful shape. It comes from Australia, which makes it a great choice for people who want to celebrate with a plant from around the world. 

The Norfolk Island Pine is a type of conifer that grows up to 50 feet tall on Norfolk Island, which is off the east coast of Australia. It’s a tree that doesn’t lose its leaves and can live up to 300 years! 


Rosemary is a plant that comes back every year and grows wild in the Mediterranean. The name comes from the leaves, which are always green and look like rose petals. Rosemary smells like roses, so it makes sense that this plant is often used in Christmas decorations because it looks nice and smells great. 

Rosemary is beautiful and smells good, but it also has many uses in cooking and medicine. It is an antioxidant that helps prevent heart disease, stroke, and cancer. If you want an easy way to stay healthy this holiday season (or any time of year), try eating some fresh rosemary leaves. 


Ivy is a popular choice for Christmas plants because it is easy to grow, hardy, and can be used in many ways. Ivy can be grown in pots or on a trellis. If you want to add some greenery but not necessarily color, ivy is a great ground cover. Ivy grows best in acidic soil, so if your soil is naturally alkaline (like limestone), you might want to add peat moss or pine needles to help bring the pH level down before planting your vine. 

Cranberry Plants & Greens 

Cranberries are a great way to decorate for the holidays. They can be used to make wreaths, garlands, and other decorations. You can also put them in the middle of the table or give them to guests as party favors. In addition to being a fun shape and color, they have a tart, fruity taste that goes well with other seasonal fruits like apples and pears. This makes them perfect for making pies or jams. 


Cyclamen is a great choice if you want to add some color and excitement to your holiday decorations. They come in many colors, so it’s easy to find one that goes with the rest of your furniture. When it’s time to take down the Christmas tree, their leaves add interest by making a nice background for all the pine needles on the floor. 

Christmas Rose (Hellebore) 

Hellebore is a plant that grows back every year. It has woody stems and dark green, leathery leaves. In the spring, it has small red flowers that look like roses. Hellebores are plants that bloom in the winter. They make great Christmas gifts for people who want to brighten up their homes during the holidays. 

Winterberry Plant Fairy Lights 

One of the best Christmas plants to use to decorate your home is the winterberry plant. It’s a beautiful shape and color, which makes it a great way to decorate for the holidays. 

This shrub loses its leaves in the fall and grows to be 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m) tall and wide. In the spring, it has fragrant white flowers that turn into shiny red berries in the fall. The berries start to ripen in September or October, which makes winterberry perfect for decorating your Christmas tree during the holidays and for other winter celebrations like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve! 


With so many holiday plants and flowers to choose from, there are so many ways to bring some holiday cheer into your home. Whether you like something traditional like a Poinsettia or something unusual like an Amaryllis, choose a plant that speaks to you and makes your home feel warm and happy. With a little love and care, your holiday decorations will be the envy of all your friends and family.

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