4 Mistakes to Avoid When Firing With a CVA Cascade



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Owning a CVA Cascade is a great way to get started on your hunting journey, however, it’s only part of the picture. If you want to get the most out of your investment, you need to fire it properly, adhere to marksmanship principles and conduct regular cleaning and maintenance. Something else you need to get right is how you actually use the weapon in practice. 

So, with this in mind, we now look at 4 of the things you should be avoiding to ensure your aim is true every time you fire in anger. 

Error #1 – Firing Your CVA Cascade With the Wrong Stance

A common error that many people suffer from when they start using a rifle for the first time is improperly distributing weight in the firing stance. Some choose to fire standing as they would at the bar, but this only causes forward/back instability in the recoil. You’ll find it harder to quickly return to the same position after each shot, so instead, you need to stand with your shoulders in front of your hips and in a position slightly leaning forward, with one foot forward and the other back. 

Error #2 – Having Your Stock Too Far From Your Face

Another mistake that happens a lot is to fire with the rifle’s stock too far to the right (if you’re a right-hander). It needs to be tucked into the shoulder (and collar bone) but mainly in line with your face, squared up. If it’s too far from your face, however, it will push your shots right, and over distances of more than 25 yards, you’ll hit nothing. 

Error #3 – Incorrect Cheek Weld 

Closely related to CVA Cascade mistake #2, our third error is that many people aren’t consistent with their cheek weld (where the cheek meets the stock). It’s vital that you practice getting into a comfortable position to fire so that your cheek weld is consistent. If you don’t, it will just mean that you’re never going to get the tight groups you’re looking for on a consistent basis.

Error #4 – The Dreaded Chicken-Wing Shooters

It’s not entirely certain why it happens, but many new shooters think that the most comfortable position to get into when firing is to raise your elbows up in line with your shoulders. This chicken-wing position not only looks a bit silly, but it’s also going to lead to your arms getting tired faster. Instead, drop your shoulders down until they’re in a comfortable position. 

Success With Your CVA Cascade Takes Practice 

Very few people take to rifle shooting instantly, so for most of us, it takes practice and an understanding of how to be a marksman. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive gun on the market if your technique is off, as you’ll most likely get the same results. 

We hope that reading our blog helps you work out those little bugs in your stance so you can enjoy the thrill that comes from a well-placed shot. 

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