5 Facts About Lawyers and the Practice of Law

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If you’re going to work in the legal industry as a lawyer, paralegal, intake specialist, or contract administrator, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of what it’s like to work with lawyers to do well in your career. There are many serious aspects to the profession of being a lawyer, and depending on the type of legal practice you choose, it could even involve life and death decisions.

On top of being serious business, what is so fascinating about the job is that it is important, and it has a great deal of influence too. Here are some intriguing facts that you might not have known about lawyers or the legal field in general.

Lawyers Conduct a Lot of Research

Lawyers spend much of their time conducting research. A lawyer’s most important job is to research past cases, laws, regulations, and statutes in order to gain a better understanding of their field, which will increase their chances of winning a case. In the past, lawyers used print resources and found it difficult to locate and interpret information; now, however, most resources are digitized, making it much easier. For example, information about the legal gambling age across English speaking countries is available with a click of a button while in the past it would take lawyers a lot of time to gather such information. 

An Ancient Profession

The practice of law is one of the oldest professions on earth.  At that time, it was not in the same position. The role of lawyers in the past was more that of public speakers who advocated for people’s rights. Lawyers did not receive any financial compensation back then. In spite of this, they still fought for the rights of people. Nowadays, the process is more complicated. To become an attorney in a particular field, a person must have a degree in law and pass the bar exam.

A Lawyer is a Storyteller

The majority of clients approach a lawyer already knowing what they need and how a lawyer can help, in addition to the details of their case. Attorneys tell the client’s story based on their needs. In most cases, they need to perform extensive research to fill in the gaps in clients’ stories and support the conclusions they draw. In the end, the narrative of the story becomes richer with each layer of research.

Lawyers must also follow the legal rules and present compelling facts that gain sympathy for their clients when framing a legal story.

The First Female Lawyer

Arabella Mansfield was the first woman to become a lawyer in the U.S. It took her a court case to gain access to the Iowa State Bar Exam – a right that had been reserved exclusively for men. The Iowa Bar admitted Ms. Mansfield in 1869 after she passed the bar exam. It was during Ms. Mansfield’s era when women began to study and teach law, despite the fact that law had always been a male-dominated field.

An Attorney is Different From a Lawyer

Although they are interchangeable, there are technical differences between them. In a nutshell, all attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are attorneys. Lawyers are people who have studied and trained in law. It is not mandatory that he practices in court, but he is capable of giving legal advice. In contrast, an attorney practices law in court. As a result of taking and passing the bar exam, he may defend or prosecute cases in court.

We hope you enjoyed our short list of some of the most interesting facts about lawyers and the practice of law.

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