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All you tea aficionados out there will understand just how popular the beverage is becoming in the United States and the sheer amount of choice on the market can make your head spin! However, we don’t want you to be put off by how hard it is to choose between blends, which is why today, we look at one in particular – Lemon Chiffon Tea

We seek to make our readers become more familiar with this refreshing drink, so join us as we offer you 5 interesting things that might just compel you to try it. Here goes! 

Fact #1 – Lemon Chiffon Tea is Made Right Here in the USA

While the US is more associate with coffee rather than tea, this blend is one of the growing number that are grown and processed right here in America’s rich soil. Of course, you think of countries like China and India when conversing about tea, but the US seems to be catching up fast! 

Fact #2 – It Contains Honeybush That Helps Your Heart 

We’re all interested in protecting the important organ, that is the heart, right? Well, it appears that this lemon tea is rich in an ingredient called honeybush, which is packed with antioxidants. As well as helping to increase the production of good cholesterol, this ingredient is proven to support heart health. 

Fact #3 – It’s Great If You Have a Cold

Another very useful ingredient in lemon chiffon tea is lemon myrtle – something that has been used for centuries to combat colds, flu, sore throats and other associated infections. Its ability to support the immunue system with all its aforementioned antioxidants means that if you reach for anything when you come down with a sniffle – it should be this tea! 

Fact #4 – It Offers a Pep Without the Sugar Crash 

While this gorgeous lemon tea is very sweet to the taste, that doesn’t mean that its loaded with refined white sugar. It’s not. Far from it, actually. Instead, it contains natural sugars that don’t cause those insulin crashes you get after a soda, leaving you suffering with an annoying mid-afternoon energy slump. 

Fact #5 – It’s Super-Easy to Make a Cup!

You don’t have to be a tea expert to enjoy this or any other type of herbal tea. All that’s required is that you place it in hot water and steep it for between 5 and 7 minutes. Good things can’t be rushed, and you won’t be disappointed with the final taste! 

Why Not Sample Its Delightful Flavors For Yourself?

Modern people have a wealth of choice with regards to what they drink, so you might be still be asking why you should choose lemon chiffon tea over what you have now. The fact is, you don’t have to! No one said you have to drink it every day! Just by having some in your kitchen cupboard, you can reach for it whenever you need an energy boost, or you’re suffering with cold symptoms. 

All we’re saying is that you should consider adding it to you current tea stock. Who knows, you might be so impressed that it gives you a newfound appreciation for natural teas. One thing is for sure though, you won’t know if you don’t sample it for yourself at some point. 

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