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Kanopy is a free on-demand streaming video service that allows you to watch documentaries, films, and other media content online. While the service is free for its users, it is funded by institutions and content owners on a pay-per-view basis. As a result, the service is a good way to discover new films and documentaries without committing to a subscription.

The platform has a huge library of movies, including the Best Picture winner Moonlight and Oscar-nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro. It also has popular series from major networks, Criterion Channel titles, classic Hollywood films, and educational films from The Great Courses. The library can also license films for campus-wide use.

Kanopy is available through public university libraries. The service is free to faculty and students at participating colleges, and community members at some universities can also access the service. However, Kanopy’s monetization strategy is different from that of public libraries. To access the service, you must have a university-issued email address and password.

The streaming video database Kanopy contains award-winning documentaries, indie and foreign films, and classic films. It is available for PCs, mobile devices, and tablets, and on TV through Roku and Chromecast. In addition, you can also download the Kanopy app to your smartphone or tablet.


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