Are animal stem cells useful to humans?

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If you want to know about stem cells, facelift, you can ask in detail like this. Is it good? Because the writer thinks that the diligence has traveled this much, it must be known (The writer is not afraid that Korean doctors will curse.

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 Because if they curse and curse in Korean, we can’t translate it anyway…haha) and most importantly, we bring volunteers with us to understand. Details and check the safety for our people first. (The reason why writers don’t choose Koreans is because the doctor can’t monitor the results after the procedure. That’s right.)

The next day at This clinic is on the 3rd floor. It’s not very big. There are 2 operating rooms, 2 recovery rooms, 2 beds per room. There is a laser room. Treatment room, Consulting room, photo room, one room each, but most importantly, there are quite a lot of patients. (There are many patients, the doctor should be good at it. This is what I think.) When we arrived, we talked about the details. Before surgery, one more round, what will you do and what parts will you do? At the same time, the writer explained to the volunteers as well. Little was relieved. In addition, the writer inquired about the cost of medical treatment here. (In order to not get enough money, may have to wash the dishes here instead….haha)

The writer would like to explain the details of the Stem Cell Facelift in an easy-to-understand manner as follows:

  1. The surgery will start with traditional liposuction, but this liposuction, the doctor’s goal is only to suck the fat out. to be used in the preparation of stem cells only So he doesn’t suck a lot (about 100-150 cc). The area to be liposuction, the doctor will choose the area. where the patient’s body has a lot of fat, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs (in case the patient wants the doctor to liposuction more parts or liposuction the back of a large amount must be agreed upon)
  2. Once 150 cc of fat is taken out, he will send it to the staff of the stem cell company to prepare for the extraction of stem cells from fat. By the way, the extraction is quite detailed since

   2.1 Absorbed fat must not be exposed to air at all.

   2.2 When the fat comes out It will be blended to separate species. Good fats and bad fats are separated. (Fat that has stem cells are also suitable for transplantation or grafting.

   2.3 When the good fat comes out Good fats must be blended repeatedly. to separate the good fats from the saline and anesthetic left over after surgery

   2.4 Take the good fats that have been blended 2 times and mix with some Solu that the company has prepared. (The company doesn’t let the writer know what tion Solution the writer wants to call Solution X. Solution is responsible for separating stem cells from fat cells.)

   2.5 The good fat mixed with Solution X is blended again for the third time (we will begin to see clear water separated from fat and Solution X)

   2.6 Suck only the clear water (this clear water is Adipocyte Stem Cell) then he will mix this water with a bag that contains some liquid. Which is in a similar incubator that warms blood for about 40 minutes.

   2.7 After 40 minutes, he takes a syringe to aspirate the stem cells. was urged to wake up and work mixed with fat that was separated from the beginning to inject back into the face (Now, with the doctor’s cheekiness, he went to talk and asked for the remaining stem cells to come back to Thailand as well. to bring it back to the laboratory in Thailand See if it’s really a stem cell or not…haha)

   2.8 Now we have the fat mixed with Activated Stem Cell and ready to do the next process is Stem Cell Facelift (forgot to mention, the whole process of preparing stem cells takes about 2 and a half hours).

When the fat is mixed with Activated Stem Cell, how will it help solve the problem of wrinkles on the face? The first is the stem. The cells will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.” The injected fat will increase the amount of less fat. In addition, fat mixed with Activated Stem Cell is more effective than fat that is injected as usual because it will last longer. Fat mortality percentage was lower than normal. As for the tendons that used to pull the face when they were young, when I get older it sags down. His doctor said that when the amount of this fat increases, it will tighten the gap between the skin and the deep facial fascia, thus making the tendons that hold the face tighter. “Why do we get old? Why did you come back to the reunion party? Why doesn’t this friend look old? Are we not the same age? Why does our child’s skin look firmer than ours?

The author would like to say this. The reason why our face wrinkles is due to 3 main reasons.

  1. As we get older Our skin becomes thinner due to less collagen and elastin production in the epidermis. 2 As we age, the tendons that connect the skin to the deep layer of facial fascia (SMAS fascia) become slack. 3. As we get older, the subcutaneous fat begins to atrophy and its number decreases. (lipodystrophy)
  2. Once the fat is mixed with Activated Stem Cell and ready to proceed with the next process, Stem Cell Facelift, the doctor will inject it back into the area of ​​the face that makes the patient look older, such as the wrinkled cheeks, forehead, and temples. Cheeks that answer, and if the patient wants to have nose augmentation, chin augmentation, the doctor will take it for rhinoplasty. Chin augmentation can be summed up simply: Stem Cell Facelift = Fat Autograft was Stem Cell Injection (in this case, it can be said that it can be used to replace Botox and fillers. Plus, it’s fat with its own stem cells. It is not synthetic from where (Botox is from Toxin (toxin), and the filler is from Synthetic Hyaluronic acid). In addition, you do not have to wait to fill it every 6 months.

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