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If we are talking about the best Test match players in India, there are so many names. Their performances help India to win different series and trophies. We can easily find stats on their performances on many online websites. Not only that we can also watch live match news and live cricket match highlights today on these websites. The history of India in international cricket is both extensive and colourful. A nation that views its national sport as being nearly religious has a love for cricket unmatched by any other country on the planet.

India’s period at the top of the game, however, has been much more recent than that of England and Australia because it didn’t play in its first Test until 1932. India’s best XI is therefore more significantly weighted toward the current age than most. In actuality, India’s emergence as a global superpower in the broadest meaning of the word has paralleled that of the country’s national cricket squad. The success of the Indian cricket team, now unquestionably the most powerful on earth, has coincided with an increase in economic and political dominance. Who are India’s greatest players of all time? Who is selected for the nation’s best-ever team? Want to watch the FIFA World Cup while you lounge on your couch? We’ve got all of the soccer stream you need right here!

The following sides in batting order list those individuals and that squad.

1. Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar had played 125 test matches in his career (1971-1987) and scored 10,122 runs. Sunil Gavaskar, perhaps the best opening batsman of all era, was India’s first real great at the plate.

2. Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag had played 103 test matches in his career (2001-2013) and scored 8503 runs.  Gavaskar is regarded as maybe the greatest opener in history, but Virender Sehwag is without a doubt the most harmful.

Sehwag’s aggressive stroke play can destroy an opponent’s bowling assault in under one hour when he is at his most proficient. In actuality, Sehwag has amassed runs at a faster rate than any other player in Test cricket history.

3. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid had played 163 Test matches in his career (1996-2012) and scored 13265 runs.

Rahul Dravid’s moniker “The Wall” was given for a good cause.

Dravid, who had an almost impenetrable defence, rose to prominence as a prodigious run scorer and was renowned for spending hours at the wicket, frequently batting India’s opponents out of the game. Dravid, of course, lacked Sehwag’s swashbuckling instincts and Gavaskar’s legendary flair, but his ability to focus guided him to the top of the sport. Both his run total and his collection of 36 Test hundreds rank as the second-best marks in his country’s history.

4. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar had played 198 test matches in his career (1989-2013) and scored 15837 runs. The most obvious choice for this squad, Sachin Tendulkar’s career has extended beyond Indian cricket; the diminutive maestro brilliantly encapsulates India’s seismic emergence as a major world force.

Tendulkar has been a global sensation since making his Test debut in 1989 at the age of 16 when he was just 16 years old. He has had to live up to the expectations of a nation with a population of one billion people. A finer approach is unimaginable. Tendulkar’s flawless side-on stance, poise, and lovely swing of the bat have made watching him play like seeing Mozart perform.

5. Vijay Hazare

Vijay Hazare played 30 Test matches between 1946-1953.

Vijay Hazare was among the first Indian cricketers to see notable success on the world stage, despite being comparatively unknown to the sport’s younger audience. Before he arrived, Indian batters played against the top teams in the globe with little confidence and frequently suffered defeats away from the subcontinent. One of the first to change that was Hazare. The right-hander was a very resilient hitter thanks to his tenacious attitude and hard-nosed tenacity.

Hazare scored two hundred in Adelaide against the renowned Australian squad from 1948, including a superb 145 in the second innings when six of his colleagues went without a run.

6. Vinoo Mankad

Vinoo Mankad had played 44 test matches in his career (1946-1959) and he took 162 wickets. Vinoo Mankad, one of the best all-rounders India has ever produced, is another Indian legend who is not well-known to modern cricket fans.

Mankad, a typical left-arm orthodox bowler who recorded match stats of 12-108 in Chennai in 1952, played a key role in giving India their first victory against England.

7. MS Dhoni

Between 2005 to 2013 Dhoni played 77 Test matches and scored 2409 runs.

Unquestionably India’s most important wicketkeeper, MS Dhoni easily makes the best XI for his country. Dhoni, who came from a background of poverty to join India’s national team, debuted on the international stage with a swagger and confidence unmatched by prior Indian players. Dhoni has been similarly efficient with the gloves, maintaining composure despite the abundance of spinners he has had to contend with on the subcontinent’s shifting pitches.

The 32-year-old has developed into a highly regarded captain of the national team, having led India to one of their most prosperous stretches of play.

8. Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev played 131 test matches between 1978 to 1994 and he scored a total of 5248 runs. He took 434 wickets in those 131 matches.

Kapil Dev is the greatest all-around player to ever represent India in addition to being the greatest fast bowler in the history of his country.

Dev defeated Gavaskar and Tendulkar to win the title of India’s Cricketer of the 20th Century, even though playing alongside Sir Ian Botham, Sir Richard Hadlee, and Imran Khan considerably diminished his stature in the game globally.

9. Anil Kumble

Between 1990 and 2008 Anil Kumble played 132 test cricket matches and he took 619 wickets. Anil Kumble, a genuine fighter of Indian cricket, overcame expectations to become his country’s most productive wicket-taker. Although Kumble’s natural talent was relatively restricted, his perseverance and willpower enabled the leg-break bowler to amass a record-breaking 619 Test wickets.

Kumble, who was quicker than conventional leg spinners, frequently exploited his odd pace to mislead batters who were frequently unclear about how to play his unconventional deliveries.

10. Javagal Srinath

Javagal Srinath played 67 Test matches between 1991 to 2002. He took 236 wickets in those matches. While spin was the dominant bowling style in India during the 1990s, Javagal Srinath stood out as the country’s top-speed bowler.With his outstanding speed and bounce, Srinath, who is tall, muscular, and aggressive, overcame the subcontinent’s sluggish, lifeless wickets to torment the batters.

11. Erapalli Prasanna

Erapalli Prasanna played 49 Test matches between 1962 to 1978. He took 189 wickets in those matches. Erapalli Prasanna, regarded as one of India’s greatest bowlers in history, was maybe the best off-spinner the country has ever produced. Prasanna was able to outsmart and outwork batters, and as a result, opponents who faced him were frequently already finished in their minds before encountering a ball.

But his mastery of flight was what truly stood out, as he constantly drew the hitters in before tricking them with sharply sinking pitches.

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