Blocked Drain – What Causes Blocked Drains and How to Prevent Them

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A blocked drain can be a frustrating and expensive experience. In this article, we will discuss what causes blockages, what to do about them, and how to prevent them. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll feel more confident about your ability to handle the situation on your own.


One of the most noticeable signs of a blocked drain is a foul smell. The stench of a blocked drain will vary depending on the type of material that has clogged it. If it smells foul, it’s a sign that something has gotten stuck inside the drain and is starting to rot. This smell can develop before the visible signs of a blockage. It’s important to investigate the source of the odour.

Blocked drain glasgow can cause a lot of inconvenience and money. Understanding the signs of a blocked drain can help you get a faster fix. It can also save you the trouble of calling a plumber. Listed below are some of the most common signs that can help you determine if a blocked drain is causing you trouble.

A gurgling sound is another sign of a blocked drain. This is caused when high water pressure meets something in the pipeline. Using a toilet plunger or solvent can help clear up the blockage. If you notice a puddle of water in your lawn, there’s a high chance your drain is clogged.

If your drain is smelly, call a plumber as soon as possible. A blocked drain can cause dangerous fumes. Plant growth around the drain can also become a hazard because it can penetrate the sewer pipe. Leaking pipes can also cause puddles around the house. Finally, a clogged drain can attract fruit flies and drain flies, which are harmful to food and health.


The cost of unblocking blocked drains varies greatly from one company to another. It all depends on the size of the blockage and the method used to remove it. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay around PS60 for the callout and an additional PS30 for the unclogging service.

The time it takes to unclog a drain will depend on the severity and type of the blockage. For a minimal blockage, rods will be used. These rods will break down the blockage. The process may take an hour or more. However, if the blockage is more complicated, drain jetting may be required.

Another cheap and simple way to clear a drain is to boil some water and pour it into the pipe. A two litre electric kettle will cost you approximately 6p per litre, and a half-litre one costs about threep. This method works effectively to move blockages and clear up clogged drains and toilets. It also removes any congealed grease and food.

If the pipe is more than ten metres underground, a contractor may need to excavate a substantial amount of soil before he can install the pipework. This project is typically managed by a large civil engineering company.

Complete Bathroom Solutions

If your bathroom drains are blocked, you’ll need help from a professional plumber. Complete Bathroom Solutions offers blocked drain repairs in Glasgow and Perthshire. Their professional team can unclog blocked drains and install grease traps to keep water flowing freely. They can also help with clogged toilets and other plumbing issues.

Blocked drains can be a nightmare. They rarely happen at a convenient time and can create an unhygienic environment in your bathroom or kitchen. Even worse, blocked drains can lead to bad smells. Here are some tips to unclog blocked drains:

Firstly, preventative measures should be taken to prevent blocked drains. Clear away any food debris that may have collected in the drain. Also, before using the dish washer, remove food waste from plates. You can also use shop-bought drain cleaners or home remedies to keep your drains clear.

Strathclyde Drainage

If you’ve had a blocked drain for a while, it may be time to call in the professionals at Strathclyde Drainage. Their tradesmen are located throughout central Scotland, so they can be at your location in an hour. They can also perform full plumbing services, including drain jetting.

A blocked drain can be caused by a number of things. The most common culprits are leaves, rubbish, and roots from nearby trees. You can also use pressure to help break up a blockage by running a tap or flushing the toilet. Boiling water can also help break up a blockage.

Preventing blocked drains is the best way to avoid them, but it’s easier said than done. Over time, buildup in drains can cause a foul smell and flooding. In addition, clogged drains can also be caused by broken pipes.

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