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Online business owners know that SEO greatly affects a company’s success. Successful SEO strategies require a team of experts. But how do you start creating a team? International SEO agency SEOLeverage shares some tips for building your dream SEO team.

Establish Your Hiring Priorities, SEO Strategies, and Company Goals.

Set clear, attainable goals based on your company’s objectives. You should be aware of the plans you have for your SEO strategies.

Once your goals are clear, you should also determine which SEO roles you prioritize. It is essential to establish each team member’s hierarchies and functions.

According to SEOLeverage, here are the building blocks of an SEO team:

SEO Executive

At the top of the hierarchy, SEO executives oversee all project management and organic search initiatives. If you believe you can do this job, you can take this role yourself.

Some of the duties of an SEO executive include the following:

  • Contributing to the enhancement of the websites and driving more organic traffic,
  • Analyzing the SEO of similar service-based businesses,
  • Considering other SEO strategies, such as building an international SEO strategy,
  • Ensuring the company’s intellectual property protection
  • Keeping up with changes to the Google algorithm and advancements in search marketing.

SEO Manager

An SEO manager has a long list of skills that are well-known in the field. Some of the critical functions of an SEO manager are the following:

  • Responsible for carrying out SEO research,
  • Developing the company’s SEO strategy,
  • Supporting the digital marketing team in the execution of effective campaigns, and
  • Optimization of website, social media, and other content efforts.

Under the SEO manager are the SEO team members, which include the following positions:


Job Role Functions
SEO Analyst
  • Analyzing a vast amount of data provided by analytical tools
  • Preparing websites for indexing
  • Optimizing search engine rankings
  • Create findings and suggestions to improve site rankings
Technical Lead
  • Managing team of technical staff
  • Leading software development and engineering team
  • Addressing technical-related matters
Link Building or Outreach Specialist
  • Link prospecting
  • Reaching out to bloggers
  • Link building with unlinked mentions
Data Scientist
  • Forecasting data patterns and trends
  • Generating data with Google Analytics
  • Creating accurate data-based conclusions
  • Interpreting data gathered from analytics tools
Content Manager or Writer
  • Developing the content marketing strategy
  • Leverage technology with human-led content development
  • Producing SEO-optimized content for websites
  • Creating engaging and compelling posts

An SEO team usually consists of two to five team members. Each one contributes a unique and distinctive set of abilities, and the right individuals can help advance your SEO strategy and business growth.

But always remember that you may accomplish incredible feats even with a tiny group.

Determine the Budget

It is critical to discuss budget matters when building an SEO team. Without the proper money, it will be impossible to assemble the ideal staff. A reasonable budget will also allow the team to perform smoothly.

You must conduct a lot of research before you can build a budget. You must evaluate the salaries of the best SEO experts in your area.

The budget should also cover SEO training and tools, so your team members are constantly at the top of their game.

Consider the Size of Your Ideal SEO Team

Generally, the size of your company and how you cover each of these SEO roles significantly impact your budget.

 Whether you hire for all of the SEO roles or cover a few, you must justify the expense of your SEO team. Having a budget plan and clear goals to strive toward is essential.

Bring In a Variety of Highly Skilled People

Choosing who to hire is also vital in building your team. An SEO dream team comprises individuals with excellent skills from various backgrounds. Finding someone proficient in all skills, or at least several, can be challenging.

Ensure to thoroughly assess your candidates’ qualifications, experience, and references when deciding who to hire. Use the interview to conduct a very informative conversation to evaluate your potential staff.

Use Helpful SEO Tools

SEO is a fluid field. To achieve the best SEO results, provide your staff with the finest SEO tools available.

Use technical SEO tools to assist you and your team resolve some of your problems. Keeping your employees updated on the most recent technologies is also essential.

Some of the SEO tools you can use are the following:

  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Buzzstream
  • Yoast SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Create a Work Culture Where Individuals Are Continuously Learning About SEO

Equipping your team with the best SEO tools will help them to be more efficient. But, a great work culture will keep them motivated.

Motivate your SEO team to continuously enhance their skills to boost morale, career growth, and collaboration. Providing opportunities for your staff to learn and develop shows them how much you value them.


Creating your SEO team requires careful planning, time, and, of course, money. However, it can assist you in surpassing your competitors on Google’s search results page.

Hiring and managing an entire department is a significant commitment, so this method is not for everyone. Before making a choice, think about whether building your own SEO team is best for your business.The advice and tips provided above will help you get started. If you need to consult experts, SEOLeverage can help you! Book a call now and check the SEO services they offer.

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