Detoxification of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

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The opinion that to get rid of alcohol or drug addiction is enough to “drip”, that is, to detox, misleads a lot of people. That is why there are so many cases when the so-called treatment does not lead to recovery. At the same time, the patient’s relatives sincerely do not understand what the reason is and have been fighting windmills for years.

Alcohol detox methods

To find the right treatment for any disease, you need to understand the causes of its occurrence. Alcoholism and drug addiction are no exception in this regard. These diseases are much more serious than they might seem at first glance. It is impossible to simply stop taking alcohol or chemicals and be cured in this way. And detoxing from alcohol by cleansing the body does not solve the problem. And even vice versa, it can aggravate it, because after removing the withdrawal symptoms and removing toxins, alcoholics (drug addicts) believe that they can continue their usual lifestyle without fear for their health.

In other words, detoxification of alcoholics is more of an additional procedure, but far from being the main one in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. It is carried out by gradual intravenous administration of drugs. Their composition is selected individually in each case, depending on the condition of the patient. If it is extremely difficult and does not allow you to start working with psychologists, then detoxification is mandatory.

Detoxification of drug addicts

With the constant use of drugs (marijuana, spice, heroin, cocaine), toxic substances accumulate in body fluids and tissues in especially large quantities. Therefore, the liver, a natural tool for cleansing the body, does not cope with its function. Detoxification from drugs allows you to stop their action for several hours and relieve pain – withdrawal. But at the same time, it has contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. Chronic heart disease.
  4. Severe condition.

Amphetamine detoxification deserves special attention, as it causes more psychological dependence than physical. And much faster than other drugs. Harm to the body is caused by additives that are part of amphetamines. Gasoline, sulfuric acid, red phosphorus – not a complete list of what it contains. But each of these substances is a dangerous poison that can lead to death at any moment.

Detoxification of drug addicts should take place under the supervision of doctors. Having decided on this procedure, it is necessary to understand that it is possible to eradicate the root causes of addiction only with the help of specialists.

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