Does Lightning McQueen Have Life Insurance?

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Does Lightning McQueen have life insurance or car coverage? If you think about it, the car is the most intelligent life form on earth, and he probably would. However, a lot of us don’t think about life insurance for our car, and we aren’t sure how much it costs.  This article will explain the importance of car insurance and life coverage for your car.

In the Pixar movie Cars, Lightning McQueen is a fictional anthropomorphic stock car. The main character of the film, he also appears in a television series. While he doesn’t actually have a car insurance policy, he does have a life insurance policy. This insurance policy covers the cost of medical expenses for the car and any injuries it sustains.

In Cars 3, Lightning McQueen visits a talk show hosted by Chick Hicks and races her rivals in a simulator. Hicks then challenges Lightning McQueen to a second race on the studio simulator. Lightning McQueen wins! Chick Hicks talks about Lightning McQueens life and career and challenges her to another race. The two drivers then discuss the damage that Lightning McQueen has caused.

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