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House equity loans are useful financial instruments that allow you to convert the equity you have in your house into cash. You can utilize home equity loans to pay for a variety of costs including debt consolidation, college tuition, home upgrades and other expenses.

This post will outline some of the quickest loans you have access to as well as some additional financing choices if you need money for an urgent requirement, such as a plumbing problem or unexpected automobile repair.

Home Equity Loan

An installment loan based on the equity in your house known as a home equity loan. It is also known as second mortgages. They offer a fixed rate and monthly payment with durations ranging from five to thirty years. The borrowers have access to up to 85% of the value of their property.

Fast Approval of Home Equity Loan

The actual time to get a home equity loan depends on the lender you choose and how much you have prepared yourself for the loan process. Some lenders usually take two to five weeks to get you a loan through home equity.

The lender will need to assess all of your financial papers, review your credit report and determine the loan to value ratio in order to accept you. Before completing your application you need to compile and arrange all of your supporting documentation, including tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs and W-2s. This will help you to assist the process go more quickly.

Obtaining pre qualified quotations from many home equity lenders at once will further speed up the process. You can easily narrow down your selections with just one simple click or phone call for a home equity loans. Get the best price for your finances and credit score and submit a complete application.

Factors Make Applications Take Longer

Poor Credit Score: Even while some lenders allow loans with credit scores as low as 620. If your score is below 680 you could only be able to borrow a smaller portion of the value of your house.

High DTI Ratio: Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is calculated by lenders by dividing your entire debt by your pretax income. These loans often have stricter DTI ratio restrictions than cash-out refinances. Which can make qualifying for a home equity loan more challenging.

Appraised Value: Home equity lenders won’t let you borrow more than 85% of the value of your house. A poor appraisal can lower the amount you are eligible to borrow. This requires the lender to postpone the closing so you have time to assess whether the loan still makes financial sense.


We have covered how you can get this loan quickly and what factors make it slower. Some lenders take more than two to five weeks, but it does not solely depend on lenders. There are plenty of important factors like credit score, supporting documents, home equity, appraised value DTI also affect home equity loans. 

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