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As you all know, many types of water heaters use fuel, electricity or solar energy. Most people in areas with no electricity tend to adopt solar power since it is cheap and readily available. But I know that even those living in areas with electricity would like to learn more about this type of water-heating gadget. In this article, more about solar water heaters is explained.

What is a solar water heater?

This is a type of machine that uses a solar thermal collector. They usually convert the sun’s power/ sun rays to energy used in different fields. Its system contains devices that facilitate water heating.

Active and passive solar water heaters are the two types of solar water heaters.

Parts of a solar water heater system

This type of water heater has different parts and components which perform different extinct functions from each other.

They include:

Solar collector

These are also known as solar panels. They help in collecting solar energy from sun rays. They are always put on a higher ground or rooftop to collect a lot of sun rays, thus holding more power.

Insulated tanks

These containers store and hold water that’s supposed to be heated; they come in different sizes. And the bigger the tank, the more volume of water it will have. They are often insulated to prevent water from losing heat after heat.

Supporting stand

Solar collectors cannot be placed on the ground or even the tanks. They all need stands that can raise the floor; raising the solar collector or panel helps collect a lot of energy used in water heating.

Connecting pipes

This type of water heater needs pipes and different instruments to help it execute its functional role.

These pipes can be fitted to link the insulated tank, the solar collector, and other essential


These pipes also act like a distribution system since after the water is heated, it needs distribution to different parts of the area.

Factors to consider before purchasing a solar water heater system

The climate of the location

Different parts of the country exhibit other climatic habits. So before purchasing a solar water heater in Kenya, one should consider climatic conditions. They do well in areas with sunlight throughout the day or even half of the day than in cloudy regions where the sun doesn’t shine for at least six hours a day.

Price of the water heating system

Some solar heaters are expensive, and some are cheap. It’s evident that the expensive ones do the best of their role and cheap ones don’t, but this should be fine for everyone’s mind. It would help if you only went for what you can afford and maintain.

Quality tanks

The tanks that should be used in holding the heated water should constantly be insulted to prevent the water from losing its heat.


These gadgets require maintenance and servicing frequently, so one should possess skills and, if not, hire a person who can do the maintenance.


In Kenya, there are a lot of industries and firms that use solar heaters, such as agriculture, solar car washes, hotels and solar Laundromats, all these firms require hot water to perform some of their duties, and most people have opted for it. If you find this unique, don’t hesitate to use the idea.

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