Guide To TikTok Ads: From Setup to Reporting

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TikTok is a social media platform that marketers cannot avoid to showcase their products or services. It is growing very fast among all the other social media platforms. It has created a phenomenon where more than 1 billion active users were reported in 2022. TikTok ad agency helps foster the relationship between the advertisers and the viewers.

If you are new to TikTok and want to know about setup and recording, here is everything you need to know.

Step 1- Open A Business Account In TikTok

First, you need to open an Ad account in TikTok. If you already have an account in Tiktok, you will require separate login credentials for logging into a business account of Tiktok. Basic information about yourself and your business is required to fill in. After filling in, you are ready to work on this self-served platform.

Step 2- Create Your Campaign

You will create your first campaign by giving the name of the description and selecting between the options of the objectives. Consideration, corresponding, and awareness are the three main objectives from which you need to select one. Select the consideration when you want to increase the reach through web traffic, video views, and app installation. Choose corresponding when the main goal is conversions, and you should select awareness when you want to narrow down your targeting.

Step 3- Select Ad groups and Ad placements

If selecting the ad groups and placements seems complicated, you may choose the auto-placement option. Advanced users go for the manual placement option.

Step 4- Select the Right Type Of Ad And Create Effective Ads

Depending on the budget, the advertisers should select the correct type of ads for their products or services. The in-feed ads are shown within the feeds where the section for you is present. The brand takeover ads will help visit a particular category with a full-screen video of 3 to 5 seconds.

  • Branded Effects- TikTok helps create a brand similar to the other branded social media apps. Various effects are installed that are shared and engaged through the business account of TikTok.
  • TopView Ads- As soon as the viewer opens the app, the ads shown are first known as the top view ads. These ads may be 60 seconds long and are shown on full screen. When you are working with a TikTok ad agency, you should make them clear about your requirements.

Step 5- Know Your Audience

The viewers familiar with Facebook Ads are also familiar with TikTok ads. You should set the audience by targeting the age, demographics, interest targeting, location, behaviour, and others. As the advertising world is ever-changing, more and more options will be available for you to customize your features.


TikTok Ad agency provides suggestions on preparing your business strategies through TikTok. All the advertisers can customize their campaigns according to their requirements. Creating effective ads by creating the right type among hundreds of ads needs skill. Please also place your ads under the right campaign and ad groups to increase your ads’ visibility. 

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