HealthTap Launches Prescription Discounts to Make Primary Care More Affordable



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Whether you have a family member who has recently become ill or you are simply looking to save some money on your prescriptions, HealthTap has just launched new prescription discount programs. In an effort to make primary care more affordable, HealthTap is offering savings up to 50 percent off your prescription costs. This makes it easier than ever to get the medications you need to stay healthy and fit.


Whether you’re looking for the best virtual health care provider or the cheapest prescription drug, HealthTap has you covered. The company offers a variety of services including same-day video appointments, free medical questions, and a wide variety of discounts. With over 6,000 doctors in 40 different specialties, HealthTap can connect you to the doctor you need, and the one you want.

In addition to providing affordable care, HealthTap also has partnerships with some of the biggest names in the business. The company recently announced a strategic partnership with Samsung. In addition, HealthTap received a $11.5 million investment from.


Increasing health care costs are forcing consumers to find more efficient ways of getting care. This includes accessing health care services through digital platforms. Companies such as HealthTap are providing these services to help reduce costs.

HealthTap provides access to a network of over 90,000 primary care physicians. These physicians are board certified in primary care and can help patients with a variety of conditions. They also help patients choose the most appropriate care options. Among their services are telehealth and text-based doctor consultation. These platforms allow members to consult doctors online, send images and questions, and have prescriptions delivered to their homes.

Thousands of Americans are relying on HealthTap, a leading virtual primary care provider, to get quality care. The company offers same-day virtual appointments with doctors, responsive texting with the same doctor, and prescription discounts. The company serves tens of millions of consumers online every year.

HealthTap’s primary care physicians conduct a comprehensive review of a patient’s health history, medications, social determinants of health, and other risk factors. The company uses AI to classify symptoms, recommend appropriate treatment, and provide next steps.

HealthTap also offers a virtual consultation with a doctor, using audio and video technology. During the consultation, the doctor will provide a treatment plan and next steps.

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Earlier this month, HealthTap announced a new discount program to help make primary care more affordable. With this new offering, subscribers can choose to get their prescriptions for as little as $2 per pill.

HealthTap is a virtual primary care provider that offers thousands of doctor visits per year, and serves millions of consumers online each year. In addition to offering quality, affordable primary care, the company also provides consumer telehealth services, such as same-day video appointments.

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Earlier this year, HealthTap launched a new feature called Eval360, a data-driven solution that helps close gaps in care. It features a series of screenings and assessments to allow a primary care physician to perform a virtual evaluation. This helps with better risk adjustment and a comprehensive health profile. The solution also features an AI-powered Automated Assistant that uses the profile information to optimize visits.

HealthTap is a national virtual primary care provider that provides quality care to all Americans. The company’s telehealth platform is available to consumers, employers, and health plans. It serves tens of millions of consumers each year, and offers a wide range of telehealth services.

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Currently, nearly half of all U.S. residents take prescription drugs. These drugs are costly, especially in the U.S. They typically cost 2.5 times more than in other Western countries. HealthTap helps make primary care affordable by offering prescription discounts.

HealthTap’s network includes over 90,000 physicians from over 147 specialties. Each physician is board certified and licensed to practice medicine in his or her state. HealthTap’s primary care physicians (PCPs) perform a comprehensive review of a patient’s health history, social determinants of health, risk factors, and medications. These physicians make referrals and order lab tests.


HealthTap’s partners include the largest health insurers in the country. These health insurers are launching their own virtual primary care digital models, allowing consumers to directly access telehealth offerings. In the future, HealthTap will also provide primary care through its new Smart TV healthcare platform. HealthTap will partner with Samsung. The Samsung Smart TV healthcare platform will allow consumers to access HealthTap’s network of doctors.

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