Heritage Rough Rider 16 inch Barrel Guns – 5 Things to Know



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The Heritage Rough Rider 16 inch barrel pistol truly is a work of art. Ok, so it might not be the most practical handgun in the world, but it’s one of the most interesting you’ll find. In fact, it’s so interesting that a good portion of the gun-owning community is unaware of its existence. 

With a total overall length of 23½ inches, you’re unlikely to find a revolver or bolt-action pistol that’s anywhere near as long. Coming with a blued finish and a six-round capacity, this single-action revolver is both fun to shoot and represents something of an oddity. 

So, if you’re considering purchasing one, here are five things you should know. 

Fact #1 – The Heritage Rough Rider 16 Inch Barrel Pistol is a Fun Gun 

One thing that hits you when you have this revolver in your hand is that this is very much a fun gun. You’re not going to find many practical uses for it due to its design. 

Here’s why…

  • Obviously concealed carry is not going to be practical
  • It won’t be suitable for competition shooting
  • It’s not close to being practical for home defence

We might be wrong here, as you may be able to think of a practical application for this gun, but as far as we’re concerned, this is a concept gun that’s designed to be shown off! That’s not to knock it – it’s just reality. 

Fact #2 – It Doesn’t Cost the Earth

While the Heritage Rough Rider 16 inch barrel pistol looks quite expensive at a glance, it’s actually one of the cheapest weapons on the market. This little beauty will only set you back $180-$200.

Fact #3 – It’s Super Accurate 

Due to its really long barrel, this Heritage Rough Rider pistol is really accurate when fired. Over 50 yards or so, you’ll feel as though your firing technique is enhanced, as you’ll find it much easier to hit what you’re aiming at. You’ll also notice that there’s zero muzzle flash produced. 

Fact #4 – It’s Really Heavy For a Pistol 

When holding the pistol, something else you can’t help but notice is just how heavy it is. Coming in at a whopping 46 ounces – that’s almost three pounds and double the weight of your average modern-day pistol. A side issue admittedly, but it’s still something you need to consider. 

Fact #5 – It Has a Unique Center of Gravity 

As a consequence of the barrel being as long as it is, the center of gravity for this Heritage pistol ends up being different from a standard handgun. Rather than being over the hand, it’s around a third of the way down the barrel, meaning you have to take that into account when aiming. 

The Rough Rider 16 Inch Barrel Pistol Is Great…At What It Does

We’ll start our summary of the Heritage Rough Rider 16 Inch barrel pistol by saying that it’s a neat little gun that will delight gun enthusiasts up and down the country. It will do so by offering what it offers – a fun gun experience that’s more decorative than practical. 

If you’re after something with an actual purpose (home defense, concealed carry, hunting etc), then you will be better looking at a gun that suits your needs. You’ll either need a shotgun, a carbine, an AR-15-style weapon or a pistol for your purposes – as this doesn’t fit the bill.

However, if you want a gun that’s great fun to enjoy as something of a talking point, then by all means go ahead and invest your cash. We just don’t want you to be disappointed if you expect more than that. 

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