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The German television show “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick” (Wedding at First Sight) first aired in 2017, and has since become a popular series. The show follows couples who have decided to marry without ever having met each other before. It offers a unique insight into the relationships of these couples, and it is fascinating to see how the relationships develop over time. In this article, we will take a look at some of the couples from the show and track their progress up to 2022.

Examining Couples From "Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick"

The couples featured on “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick” come from all walks of life. Each couple is carefully selected by experts to ensure that they are compatible and have the potential to create a successful marriage. The couples are then paired up, and the show follows their journey as they try to make their marriage work.

The show has featured a number of couples since it first aired. Each couple has their own unique story, and it is interesting to look at the different relationships and how they have progressed over the years.

Tracking Their Relationships in 2022.

Now, let’s take a look at how some of the couples have fared up to 2022.

One of the most successful couples on the show is Anna and Jan. The couple got married in 2018, and they have since gone on to have a successful marriage. They are still together in 2022, and they are expecting their first child.

Another couple that has remained together is Sophie and Philipp. The couple married in 2019 and have since become very close. They are still together in 2022 and are enjoying their life together.

However, not all the couples have been so successful. One couple that has struggled is Karla and Jens. The couple married in 2018, but they have since had a rocky relationship. They have tried to make their marriage work, but in 2022 they have decided to go their separate ways.

It is fascinating to track the progress of the couples from “Hochzeit auf den ersten Blick” and see how their relationships have developed over the years. While some couples have gone on to have successful marriages, others have not been so lucky. Regardless, the show provides an interesting insight into the dynamics of relationships, and it will be interesting to see how the couples fare in the future.

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