How do I Find a Good Cryptocurrency to Invest in?



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Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, over 20,000 cryptocurrencies have been introduced to date. According to Crypto Space Statistics, the number of cryptocurrencies is 20,268, with prospects to increase each year. The crypto market cap is $934 billion, with 526 trade exchanges globally. These numbers can overwhelm you when choosing crypto to invest in.

There are many things to consider when choosing crypto investments. For instance, you can consider market capitalization, total coins to be mined and the current supply of a particular cryptocurrency, white paper for all the crypto’s details, and the number of the crypto’s use cases. However, the best option is to stay updated with crypto-watching sites.

Why Crypto Watching Sites?

Crypto watching sites provide you with ranks for cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization calculated by multiplying a crypto’s volume-weighted average price by the current supply. However, a coin can only be ranked if it has been trading on three markets and two exchanges.

These sites help you clearly compare different cryptos’ performances in one chart. This way, you can see which is doing better than the other to help you make an informed investment decision.

Why Exeedme is a Good Crypto Option

Exeedme is a token that operates within the Ethereum platform. Its price has significantly risen by over 24% in the last week. With a market cap of over $6 million and a volume of about $52K, Exeedme is a great investment option, and its market cap shows it is highly valued in the market. In addition, it has a circulating supply of 90 million XED, with its max supply reaching 100 million. You can buy it using a self-custody wallet like Coinbase wallet, and the fees depend on how busy the network is, the transaction’s complexity, and how fast you want to complete the transaction.

Exeedme chart lets you view the crypto’s performance as often as possible. For instance, after every minute, hour, day, week, or month. In addition, you can choose a date range, like one day or three months, from which to evaluate the crypto’s performance. The Exeedme chart also shows whether the crypto’s price is falling or rising. It also shows its daily trading volume.

Further, you can see its current trading activity to know the number of this crypto that has changed hands in the last day. From this activity, you can tell whether it makes a positive or negative change to help you make a comprehensive investment decision. You can also use the chart to check its monthly and quarterly returns and price changes. Ideally, the Exeedme chart helps an investor see the changes happening in the market and get a prediction of what is to come.


Investing in coins is becoming widespread as more people embrace crypto. With an Exeedme chart, you get real-time price updates of this crypto and its market cap rank. At a glance at the chart, you can make the right investment choice.

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