How Not To Lose Your Friends?

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Making friends is easy but maintaining friendships is difficult. It is normal to lose friends when we get busy and don’t meet each other often. In such cases, many people lose their friends.

By nature, man is a social animal. We can’t stay alive in solitude. That is why keeping friends is important for a happy and healthy life.

The company of friends energizes you when you’re feeling stressed and de-motivated. In this article, we will share some techniques for maintaining a healthy friendship. This guideline will help strengthen your friendship and keep it fun and exciting.

Know Them Personally

Instead of talking about celebrities, or random gossip, you can know your friends personally by using some questions to ask your friends. It will strengthen your friendship and will create a deep bond between you. Showing up at their birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers can make your company unique.

It can make you a part of their family. You also get to take their pictures and create lasting memories.

Take Out Time for Your Friends

With a busy job and the continuous interruptions of technology, mobile phones, and social media, it’s easy to get lost in all the responsibilities. But taking out time for your friends is vital.

You can go out, watch movies, play games or spend time together. No matter how stressed you are, spending time with your friends will make you happy and positively affect your life. You can also stay connected to them by making spontaneous phone calls, talking to them through texts, and tagging them on a funny meme on Facebook.

Do Things Together

Perhaps there is a new movie that your buddy would like to watch, or maybe you can binge-watch Netflix together.

Doing things together will increase your intimacy. You can also exercise or make a plan to live a healthy life. Reading books together is also a great way to boost your friendship. And this way, you will have many topics to discuss instead of gossip.

Respect Their Boundaries

If your friends are going through a tough time, you should be there for them. Let them know that you are there for them but don’t force them to share things with you if they are not comfortable. Likewise, never call them at odd hours when you know they will be busy. If you send them a text, wait patiently for a reply. Constant complaining and nagging can weaken your friendship.

Moreover, it would hurt your friends if you’re too clingy or possessive. Your friends have personal lives too. So respect their boundaries and expect the same from them.

Have Deep Conversation

When your friends are speaking, listen to them attentively. It’s not good to interrupt them when they’re making a point. Communication is a two-way street. Active listening can enhance your friendship and intimacy.

It’s common for friends to interrupt each other or make a joke in between, but having deep conversations can enhance your friendships. Moreover, it’s best to turn off your phone when you are with friends. It can annoy your friends if you constantly check your phones or reply to someone when your friends are speaking and making a point. It can irritate them and can create a distance between you.

Keep in Touch with Each Other

It’s common to lose friends when you lose touch with each other. Usually, we get so much busy in life that we fail to have contact with our friends. However, keeping consistent communication can strengthen your friendship.

Sharing things from your personal life and opening up more can create an emotional connection. Even staying in touch once through the phone and discussing your lives can keep your friendship alive. So stay in touch with your friends and don’t push them away.

To sum it up

With our growing busy lives, keeping good friends can be a difficult task. However, it is important for your well-being to have good friends.

It is important to maintain a healthy and emotional bond with your friends. It is easy to keep your friends if you spend time with each other, ask personal questions, be there for each other and have fun.

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