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Riya is a college student who lives with her grandparents in the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Her parents are daily wage earners, and the nature of their jobs prevents them from living with her. As any parents would, Riya’s parents also opened an account for her at Bandhan Bank when she was a child. The child insurance policy that they invested in matured, and she received the fund in her account. She has a friend who warned her of banking fraud after reading about several of them in the newspaper. Worried about her finances she searched online for a way to prevent fraud. She learned several of them and one of the ways was to frequently check her Bandhan Bank Mini Statement

The bank account safety tips she learned required minimal time investment and some common sense. The single most effective thing that she could do was to balance her account weekly and view her account activity multiple times per week to make sure that there are no unexpected transactions. 

She found out that before she could avail of the phone banking services of Bandhan Bank, she would need to register her mobile number with her base branch by submitting an application form. After successful registration, she will receive an SMS from the bank notifying the same. 

Riya can obtain Bandhan Bank Mini Statement through the following ways:

Missed Call Banking

Giving a missed call to 922-3008-7777 from her registered mobile number will fetch Riya her last five transactions via SMS. The SMS will contain the dates of transactions, the amount of transactions and whether the transactions are debit or credit transactions. 

Mobile Banking

Anyone with a smartphone can download the “mBandhan” banking application. This is available in Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching the name “mBandhan”. Since Riya has a smartphone, she can easily download the app from Google Play Store. This app offers a lot of features like fund transfer, bill payment, investing in mutual funds, etc along with checking Bandhan Bank Mini Statement. It is convenient to use due to its easy navigation and high security. Apart from the mBandhan app, Bandhan Bank has also introduced the BHIM Bandhan UPI Application which is specific for UPI transactions only.

Net Banking

Riya also found out that Net Banking is a popular way of accessing the transaction details of her Bandhan bank account. She will need to activate the feature first, after which she can access her Bandhan Bank Mini Statement anytime with the help of a Customer ID and password. The login portal for Bandhan Bank is “”. The Bandhan Bank Mini Statement can also be downloaded into the mobile phone.

SMS Banking

To avail of this service, Riya needs to activate SMS banking beforehand. Bandhan Bank Mini Statement can be obtained by sending an SMS in the following format: “MINI<account number>” to 9223011000.

Riya also found out that keeping her PIN and passwords secret was paramount, she needed to guard them with vigilance and never write them down on email, paper, or text messages as these can be easily intercepted. Her passwords needed to be strong and changed periodically.  She should never give out account details over the phone or email. She should never click on embedded links from emails. She should never use public computers for online banking, and she should install strong antivirus on all her devices. If she ever loses her card, she must report it immediately to her bank.  All these tips helped her be more diligent against fraud. 

Her friend once received a phone call from someone claiming to be a bank employee and informed her that her bank account has been blocked. She would need to click on the link sent to her phone via text and enter her login ID and password to unblock it. She complied with the instructions and 20,000 Rupees were debited from her account. She realized too late that it was a scam and told all her friends about it. 

Riya also learned to be aware of fake websites, closely resembling her bank’s login portal. She must always check her Bandhan Bank’s URL of HTTPS protocol and ensure that the URL is correctly spelled. Awareness was the best prevention and she taught them to her family as well. 

Her grandparents and parents have accounts in Punjab National Bank (PNB) and she decided to find out how to get PNB Mini Statement for them as well so that they can practice financial diligence. 

PNB offered the following ways for customers to check their bank balances:

PNB Mini Statement Number

PNB offers both chargeable and toll-free numbers to their customer for checking their Mini Statement. The chargeable PNB Mini Statement Number is 0120-2303090 while the toll-free number is 1800-180-2223. By giving a missed call from the registered mobile number to either of these two numbers, Riya’s parents and grandparent can get their last 5 transaction details immediately. 

SMS Banking

To get PNB Mini Statement, Riya needs to send an SMS in the following format: “MINSTMT<space>16-digit Account Number” to 5607040.

Riya also found out that to avail of mobile banking features, customers need to visit the base branch compulsorily to register their mobile number with PNB. This system was introduced by PNB to prevent online fraud. 

Net Banking

Riya found out that Net Banking is also available with PNB. She will need to activate the feature first, after which she can access PNB Bank Mini Statement anytime with the help of a Customer ID and password. 

Mobile Banking

Anyone with a smartphone can download the “PNB mPassbook” banking application. This is available in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

With these features, if her aged grandparents want to check their bank balances, they need not go physically to the bank to update their passbooks. Many of the features are free of cost too. 

Riya learned through her research that all the other banks also provide similar ways by which customers can check their Mini Statement and thereby safeguard their finances. 

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