How To Choose An Advanced Manuka Honey Facial Cream That Works

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Since roughly 7000 BC, honey has been a part of human history.

The Egyptians utilized this liquid gold as money, connected it with wealth and aristocracy, and offered it to their gods. Bees were thought to have special powers, and it was even used in the embalming process. Dowries were also often included in this.

Greeks valued honey not only as sustenance but also for similar spiritual purposes, as well as in beauty and medicine. Up to the recent growth of sugar as a commodity, honey remained a highly sought-after component.

Additionally, honey has several qualities that could make it a fantastic complement to your skincare regimen. Honey is incredibly versatile and, as a result, can be found in a variety of products on the supermarket shelves. It has high levels of antibacterial properties as well as the ability to lock in moisture.

The Benefits Of Manuka Honey For Skin

We normally want to address a few essentials when it comes to skincare. Studies have revealed that manuka honey has the ability to help us with everything from moisture retention to antibacterial defenses and healing because:

  • It has humectant properties (meaning that it holds in water for hydration).
  • It is emollient in nature (meaning it moisturizes and softens).
  • It can support pH level regulation (keeping skin healthy).
  • Its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities guard against infection on the skin’s surface.
  • The skin tone can be evened out with it (reducing redness).

Therefore, regardless of your skin type, adding Manuka Honey to your skincare routine could provide you with all of these advantages without the need of any unsavory chemicals.

That’s fairly awesome, but what about some of the more particular, and perhaps trickier, skin conditions?

Which grades of Manuka Honey should you seek for if Manuka Honey is still effective?

Manuka Honey For Dry Skin Is The Best

Manuka honey is a naturally occurring humectant and emollient because to the sugars in it.

As a result, when applied to the skin, Manuka Honey may aid in hydrating the skin, retaining moisture, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it ideal for dry skin and conditions that contribute to dry skin.

Product to try: For the best results when hydrating dry skin, we recommend trying any of our Manuka Honeys, at least UMFTM 15+ or above (the higher the better!).

The Best Manuka Honey For Pimples

Manuka Honey has been discovered to be superior to other well-known products in terms of anti-acne skincare. In order to effectively treat problematic acne, raw honey can assist to balance the bacteria on the skin’s surface and act as a natural exfoliant, eliminating impurities and renewing the skin’s appearance:

Product to try: You should try our UMFTM 24+ Manuka Honey or above for the maximum likelihood of successful outcomes.

Burns And Wounds’ Best Manuka Honey

Recently, manuka honey has become popular in medicine once again by being applied topically to cure wounds. Reports by bioengineers have revealed that there is also a ton of scientific proof for this potential, which has been used by indigenous people in healing for decades;

Try this product: The highest concentration of antibacterial qualities is ideal for wound healing. This would come from UMFTM 26+ Manuka Honey, the highest-graded of our products.

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