How to choose the Right Generator for your needs

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A generator is a device built to convert motive power and give out electric power that can be used as an external circuit. Some mechanical energy sources include gas turbines, water turbines, wind turbines, and internal combustion engines.

Over the last decade, a huge need for portable generators to supply electricity for homes and recreational areas, such as camping sites far from electricity access, has emerged. This article will show different types of generators at affordable prices that fit your needs.

When choosing a generator to purchase, there are several factors that one ought to consider, such as the task that the generator should perform. Below are some of the types of electric generators categorized by size, and each type specifies the amount of energy it can produce.

Recreational generator

This type is the lightest generator that, weighs around 62 pounds. It can produce up to 2,000 watts. This generator can be transported easily and operates quietly. They have an added advantage in that some models come with the user-friendly function of smartphone apps to facilitate ease of usage.

The recreational inverter is a perfect choice if a home experiences a loss of power.

Mid-size Inverter

This generator is lightweight and produces around 3,500 watts. The mid-size generator runs on gasoline or propane, which is efficient in fuel consumption. On top of that, it possesses a quiet operation and can output more power than a recreational inverter. It is a great choice for homes that face fewer instances of power outages.

Portable inverter

It produces up to 7,500 watts and is considered to have a great deal and the best value for generator prices in Kenya. Many of these generator models provide enough energy to meet all household needs. Note that when using these portable generators in snow areas, protection should be provided.

The portable generator is the best option for homes that often experience power losses and outages since it will provide sufficient power to run all house appliances at a low cost.

Large generator

This type produces 7,500 watts and weighs between 260 and 350 pounds. These generators are big and can run huge appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioning units. They operate quietly and are fuel-efficient with the production of steady power for highly sensitive electronics. Large generators are ideal for homes that experience a prolonged outage of power because of their high reliability.

Home standby generator

This generator produces up to 20,000 watts and weighs between 360 and 600 pounds. Home standby generators are permanently installed in your actual house. They automatically power on when there is a power outage in your house and will provide a continuous steady current to run your appliances. They run typically on natural gas or even propane.


With the kind of task you want a generator to perform, the above types will help you know which generator you will go for to fit your needs.

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