How To Move Embryos From One Clinic To Another 



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Moving embryos from one clinic to another can be an intimidating and complex process. But it doesn’t have to be if you take the right steps. This article will give you simple advice on how to move embryos from one clinic to another. If you want to learn more about moving embryos from one clinic to another then you can click on

Reasons for Moving Embryos from One Clinic to Another 

  1. Location: You may need to move your embryos to a different clinic if the one you are working with is too far from your home or doesn’t offer the kind of care you need. Moving your embryos to a nearby clinic will make it easier for you to use their services. 
  2. Cost: It may be cheaper to transfer embryos from one clinic to another than to start a new cycle with a different clinic. 
  3. Success Rates: If you are unhappy with your current clinic’s success rate, transferring your embryos to another clinic may help you get a better result. Different clinics may have different techniques and protocols that may give you a better chance of success. 
  4. Specialization: Some clinics only offer certain kinds of treatments for infertility. If you are trying to conceive with a specific fertility treatment, it may be beneficial to transfer your embryos to a clinic that specializes in that type of care. 
  5. Quality of Care: It’s important to feel comfortable with the care you’re getting. If you are unhappy with the quality of care at your current clinic, it may be best to transfer your embryos to a clinic that gives more personalized care. 

Preparing for the Move 

  1. Find a New Clinic: The first important step is to find a new clinic for your embryos. Make sure to look into the clinic’s success rate and ask people who have used the clinic for recommendations. Also, make sure that the clinic has the services you need and follows all the rules. 
  2. Obtain Necessary Documentation: Once you have selected a new clinic, the next step is to obtain any necessary documentation. This could include things like medical records, consent forms, and other legal papers. Before you start, make sure you know how the process works and what paperwork is needed. 
  3. Make Arrangements for Transport: Moving embryos between clinics requires special arrangements. Depending on how far apart the two clinics are, you may need to set up transportation or have the embryos shipped. It is important to find a reliable transport service that can handle the sensitive procedure. 

Executing the Move 

Get Prepared for Transport 

Before moving embryos from one clinic to another, the right steps must be taken to keep the embryos safe during transport. This includes making sure that the temperature of the transport medium is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. 

It’s also important to keep the embryos safe from bacteria and other harmful things by transporting them in a sealed container. Last, make sure that the container is properly labeled with the date of the transfer, the name of the clinic, and any other important information. 

Transport Embryos to New Clinic 

Once the embryos are ready to be moved, it’s important to make sure they get to the new clinic safely by taking the right steps. To ensure the safety of the embryos, it’s best to use a courier service that specializes in embryo transport. 

The courier should be given all the information he or she needs about the transfer, including the temperature requirements. Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the shipment to make sure it gets to the new clinic on time. 

Store Embryos Properly at New Clinic 

Once the embryos arrive at the new clinic, it’s important to store them properly. This means making sure that the embryos are kept at the right temperature and are clean. It’s also important to write down the date, time, and any other important information about the embryos. This will make sure that the embryos get the best care possible. 


In conclusion, it is important to understand the process of moving embryos from one clinic to another. By following the steps, a couple or person who wants to have children can make sure that the process is done right and safely for the embryos. 

Also, moving embryos from one clinic to another can be very helpful because it can give you access to the best fertility options and the best chances of getting pregnant. Potential parents or couples who want to learn more about moving embryos can visit to get more information regarding this matter.

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