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Teaching Learning Material for primary classes (TLM) is an important aspect of learning. It helps students in understanding a topic better and also helps teachers to make the class interesting. It is the foundation on which a student builds their understanding of a subject. A good TLM should be simple, interesting and easy to understand. It should help students in understanding the topic easily.

In this article, we will discuss some important tips that will help you prepare your own TLM for primary classes.

Make sure your TLM is clear to your students

Primary level students are new learners. Hence make sure to use simple words and examples that they can understand. Ask questions to test their understanding about the lesson. If needed, repeat the lesson again until all students are able to answer correctly by themselves. Give your students some time to practise the new concepts with their peers. This will help them to understand the subject in a better way.

Explain clearly and use TLMs to help them understand better

Once you have decided on the topic for your TLM, make sure that each and every point of your TLM is clear to your students. They are going to be studying and understanding concepts related to this topic, so they need to know what they are supposed to learn and understand. In addition, you also need to explain these concepts clearly by using TLMs in a very simple way.

Plan each TLM and all the activities

In order to prepare a TLM and the related activities, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to teach. You should write down the objectives of each TLM and plan the activities accordingly. Make sure that you write down questions that you want your students to answer during the lesson. This can help them understand everything better. Besides this, don’t forget about follow up activities as well!

Go for appealing TLM

If you want your students to be more engaged during the lesson, it’s important to make your TLM and the related activities appealing. This can be done by making them fun and interesting. You can use games or puzzles in order to make sure that students enjoy learning new things. 

The TLM should be made in a way that it can keep students engaged and interested throughout the entire lesson. This will help them learn new things faster as well. Make sure that the activities are age appropriate as well, so they can understand everything easily.

Use self learning TLM

Primary level students can benefit a lot from the appropriate TLM. They can be a great way for students to learn on their own. They can be used for self-learning and the students can use them in order to study for exams or just to learn new things. The TLM can help students understand new concepts in a fun way. 

This will help them learn faster and retain what they have learned as well. You can make the TLM in such a way that it allows them to learn and practise new things without any help from you. This will help them understand everything better as well.

Use TLM to create a positive classroom environment

You can use the TLM to create a positive classroom environment. The TLM should be used in such a way that it helps students get along better with each other and also helps them understand each other better. This will help them learn even faster as well since they will not be distracted by their classmates or by any negative feelings they might have towards them.


As a teacher, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest trends in education and use that knowledge to improve your teaching. This will help you prepare the best possible TLMs for your students. 

You should also keep in mind that TLMs are merely a tool for you to use and not the sole means of teaching. You should always try to be creative and come up with your own methods of teaching classes of primary sections that suit your students better than any template could ever do.

For this, it is important that you are updated with the latest teaching methodologies. Going for a diploma in teacher training courses can be a good idea to keep yourself abreast with innovative pedagogical approaches. 

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