How To Reprogram Car Keys That Are Already Programmed 



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Programming keys is not an easy task at all, especially if our car already responds to a specific key and we need new programming because ours is failing more and more every day as if something needs to be repaired. But don’t put too much thought into the matter, the clear solution is to contact a specialized automotive locksmith so that he can give you an accurate guide to the situation, and avoid problems with your car in the long run if you do something on your own. 

Why choose an automotive locksmith for this job?

The main reason to think about reprogramming your car key with a locksmith is the convenience and assurance that you will have a job well done. You see, to reprogram a car key that already has a specific code requires a lot of dedication and professionalism, because it  requires knowledge of codes, how to adapt it to the customer’s daily life, how to handle the physical part of the key so that it reacts to the commands in the corresponding time, among many other details. 

And if we think about it, it is really a good offer for a service that could save our lives. We never know in moments of urgency when we need immediacy in the reaction of our car and that because we have programmed it on our own, something so important can happen to us. While doing the process through a dealership will probably also bring us lousy attention since we must first request an appointment, then wait days for our service and above all, they do not have a 24-hour service if you need immediacy. 

Can all types of programmed keys change their programming?

Not all types, but the vast majority. Usually there is no problem in programming or deprogramming a key fob, but it is important not to overload your car with changes so that it can continue to function optimally. However, you can always ask a locksmith your individual possibilities based on your reality, not a generalization, which will help you a lot. 

Try to look for locksmith services that offer a product warranty so you don’t waste your time with locksmiths who promise fraudulent services and then disappear. A warranty lets you know that any programming errors will be taken care of again. 

Whether you plan to change the lock of your car, or perhaps fix an automotive emergency that has arisen spontaneously, we recommend you always opt for professionals with current licenses. Don’t get ripped off, and don’t risk the safety or proper functioning of your car.

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