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Denim jeans for women are iconic in their own way. You cannot imagine having a fully functional wardrobe without your favourite pair of jeans in it, can you? And all women have that pair of jeans that they are loath to part with, even when it becomes threadbare. Such is the appeal of jeans.

Whether you are having a casual day at home, meeting up with your friends for coffee or going club hopping, your jeans are a go-to attire. You can dress it down with a casual t-shirt or dress it up with a cute trendy top. No matter what you choose to complete the ensemble with, a good pair of jeans ups the ante. Denim jeans for women are a wardrobe staple. And with so many different styles of jeans available, finding the ideal pair may be scary. You want them to be within your budget, feel nice, and look excellent. But even with those restrictions, the possibilities are limitless.

These are the top picks for the must-have jeans in any wardrobe that flatter your best angles. With the right fit and size, a pair of jeans can transform your look from drab to fab.

Skinny jeans

Millennials will swear by their skinny jeans no matter what Gen Z says. The figure-hugging shape of skinny jeans, which begins at the waist and reaches the ankle, is well-known. Most are made of stretchable material to assist you in getting your feet through the narrow leg openings. They are ideal for those with hourglass or curvy body shapes, accentuating your curves and highlighting your legs.

Slim-fit jeans

These jeans are neither thin nor straight; they are often tight on the legs and loosen over the calves. They typically end a couple of inches above the ankle. They are ideal for pear and triangular-shaped bodies. Slim-fit jeans with narrower waists and higher rises balance out such body types. They go well with loafers or sliders for a more laid-back look. They can also be worn with lace-up sandals for a dressier appearance.

Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans are typically worn with boots and have a slight flare at the knee. They look fabulous on those who have long legs as they accentuate the length. And they also look amazing on those who have a pear or triangular body as they balance out the hips and keep the legs proportionate. For a downright gorgeous look, you can pair them with stilettos.

Boyfriend jeans

Due to their slightly roomy style, these jeans are wonderfully comfy. You can take down the cuffs on several of them to provide more excellent coverage around the ankles. Rectangular body shapes and those who are curvier benefit enormously from the slightly loose fit of these jeans. These jeans are ideal for a laid-back look when worn with loafers or other casual footwear.


Selecting the right pair of denim jeans for women may look like an intimidating exercise at first. But once you know and understand your body type, it’s a walk in the park. VERO MODA is here for all your denim needs with its wide variety of cuts and denim patterns.

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