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Do you think of an Apple firm without their iconic logo featuring an apple that has been bitten off, or McDonald`s sans its stylized picture that resembles the letters “M”? There are plenty of examples to any end, but the primary point to remember is that logos are an integral element of a brand’s identity, the most important aspect in the design. The logo “speaks” about the company and the benefits it offers. This is the reason there are so many challenges when creating the logo. Particularly when you think about the various designs.

There are a variety of logo generators available these days, and they can offer a great deal of help in creating the perfect corporate identity. Turbologo is among the best. It comes with various styles and shapes that means everyone can find something they like. Continue reading and you’ll be able to learn more about the various logo styles and the guidelines for selecting the best one.

Logo styles: description

There are numerous logo styles that are available, and they all have distinct characteristics and differences It is important to be familiar with all of them in order to select the best one for you. This is why we have listed the most popular logo designs.


Logos that are singular and multiple that have a distinct semantic value. They create a sort or “mystery” for the audience Each person is able to consider their own associative series. Thus, the design includes the emotional and psychological effects of the individual elements, color combinations, and the overall composition.

  • Differential characteristics: no templates or prototypes.
  • Benefits: looks interesting and attractive, which creates associations, which is why they are well-known.

Abstract logos can be used for many companies, regardless of the kind of business. However, this type of design is not recommended for companies which require elaborate elements to convey their vision.


“Light” and understated logos with no flashy elements and have complete shapes. They are a blend of simple geometric shapes. Examples: Samsung, Audi, and Lada logos.

  • Differential features: don’t make use of shadows, semi-shadows or volumetric elements, as they can emphasize the specifics. The focus is typically on the general image.
  • Benefits: because of its flexibility, it is suitable for the majority of companies. While sacrificing clarity, it lets you communicate the CA strengths of your company.

Traditional style logo design – ideal for businesses working in the fields of construction, medicine and technology, among others.


Logos that aren’t cluttered with unnecessary details. A growing amount of “graphic garbage” is appearing on the Internet and it’s imperative to highlight the essential by removing unnecessary. Minimalist design is all about the latter. Its principal characteristics include cleanliness, simplicity, and accessibility as well as visual appeal. The minimalist design allows the design of logos without unnecessary bulk, and allows you to convey the purpose and vision of the brand clearly and in a way that is expressive.

  • Unique features: harmony of forms and orderliness, economical utilization of design components and a careful selection of components to save space.
  • Advantages: The brand’s mark is attractive and neat with a good selection of all elements. Because of this, the “visual” freedom is easy to comprehend the message.

However, its restriction, it has some limitations in the use. It is, for instance, not appropriate for brands that are in the entertainment sector.

How do you choose the best logo style

If you are looking to select the unique style of your logo, it is crucial to learn and follow some guidelines to help you create an individual brand. This is why we have some fundamental guidelines to choose the right logo design.

A photograph is worth the words of a thousand

A logo is the visual representation of the company’s brand. What’s the point of saying what you do when you can display it? Make use of simple images and icons to show the viewer a bit about you. Visual puns are the best tool for designers.

Utilize geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are an excellent method to make logos more visible. For instance, the logo could be arranged into rectangular pieces, which gives it a professional appearance. This makes branding across platforms simpler, since an image made up in rectangular block shapes is simple to digitally present as well as to be used for printed letterhead and presentation. The logo can also be attractive on souvenirs such as pens, or badge tapes.

Be aware that color is the key to a good logo design

Monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean only black and white! Sometimes, a design that is black and white can make the eye bleed especially when we’re trying to capture that particular design’s “zen”. It is better to utilize tones that are the identical color to create subtle contrasts.

Simpleness is the foundation of a successful logo

The simplest of things often are the most effective. The ideal logo for your bakery could be one with two spikelets. If the idea is appealing to you, then use it.


Making a logo is an intriguing, exciting process. If you put in the effort to the process, you will be able to develop a brand that is as well-known in comparison to Google, Nike, Adidas and other. If you have an individual style, your brand will stand out distinct from others and can have a positive effect on the reputation of the busines

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