Major Security Risks Associated with Wildcard Certificates

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To simplify the process of managing digital certificates for public-facing websites, organizations can use a technique called domain name server (DNS) based SSL/TLS Authentication. It allows a single SSL/TLS certificate to be used across multiple hostnames, eliminating the need to manage multiple certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard certificate is a type of SSL certificate that can be used to secure multiple subdomains. These certificates can be obtained from any trusted CA, they are also known as Universal SSL Certificates.

When you purchase a wildcard certificate from us, it will provide you with an additional level of protection in addition to your single-domain SSL certificate. This means that all subdomains on your domain will be secured by the same certificate. The only requirement for this type of certificate is that you must have a root domain that has been validated by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

Risks of Wildcard Certificate

The use of wildcard certificates makes it easier to manage and update your certificate keys, but it also increases your risk profile. Companies are more likely to have a single point of failure when they have a wildcard certificate because they share the same private key across multiple systems and locations. This means that if hackers were able to access one system, they could potentially gain access to all other systems as well.

Let us discuss some more risks associated with a wildcard certificate:

Failure risk

In the event that a confidential key of a conventional SSL testament is compromised, this compromises just the associations recorded in that declaration. On the other hand, if a private key of a wildcard certificate is compromised, this compromises all secure connections to all servers and subdomains listed in the certificate.

Private key security risk

One of the problems with certificate authorities is that a compromised private key can be used to masquerade as any domain protected by the certificate. In addition, any server with the certificate authority’s private key can be used to host malicious sites for phishing campaigns.

Renewal risk

When a wildcard certificate expires or is revoked, all servers that use that certificate will need to be updated. This can cause a significant outage if the update is not completed at one time. The same applies when a wildcard certificate becomes nearly expired. If it is not renewed, you could face a significant outage and disrupt business continuity.

After discussing the risks how can we forget to discuss the advantages of a wildcard certificate?

Advantages of Wildcard Certificate

Wildcard certificates are a great way to protect your website and other online assets with just one SSL certificate. They do this by making it possible for you to secure multiple subdomains from one certificate.

  • If you have multiple subdomains, wildcard certificates are a great option because they allow you to secure them all at once. You don’t have to buy an individual certificate for each subdomain, which can be expensive.
  • Wildcard certificates are also useful for companies that offer services in different countries or regions but want to use the same domain name across all of them. For example, if you’re an international company with offices in Canada and Mexico, you could use a wildcard certificate so that any visitors coming from either country would be able to access your site securely without having to worry about their location.
  • Wildcard certificates are also good if you want to protect multiple subdomains on separate domains; this is especially useful if those domains were bought through different companies or if they were registered years apart. For example, let’s say that your company owns two domains: and You could use one wildcard certificate to secure both of these sites at once.

In the end, wildcard certificates are an excellent tool for businesses looking to expand their reach on the web. But if you plan on using them for anything other than testing out this new technology for yourself, make sure you do so cautiously and carefully.

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