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Videos are a big asset for entrepreneurs and their brands. The reports from the marketers tell that videos created a positive impact on the returns. Motion graphics videos similarly do this. These are in several forms that never cease to amaze you.

All of the motion graphics videos include a mix-up of different mobile graphics along with typography and color grading that goes constant from one frame to the other.

Videos are viable to deliver certain information. Since these are easy to consume and work in an effective way for the audience.

You will find many video creators using motion graphics. This method is for adding a more in-depth feel and versatility to these videos. Following are some typical reasons to use motion graphics:

●    To deliver a message or information in a unique way.

●    Motion graphics modifies complex concepts into easier ones.

●    To grab the audience’s attention in a fun and engaging manner.

This post is for leading your way to work on your ideas by getting inspired from these video ideas through an extensive review.

Some of the Best Motion Graphics Videos

1. Dinosaurs in Love – Fenn Rosenthal

“Dinosaurs in Love” is a video project by Hannah Jacobs. The animators for this video are Katy Wang and Anna Ginsburg.

The story of this video project is of two dinosaurs in love. Due to the unfortunate incident of the Big Bang, they die.

The bright side of this video:

  • It’s concise, subtle, and heart-touching.
  • Attractive color scheme and engaging plot.
  • Pulls the heartstrings through a beautiful melody.

2. Think Ideas – MotionCue

This is one of the finest examples of motion graphics videos. The company was able to produce this video that corresponds with the directions of the client. Plus it is a good depiction of their ideas and ambitions.


  • Wise integration of kinetic typography.
  • Straightforward and succinct.
  • A compelling voice-over to further enhance understanding.

3. Vanitas – Town Portal

The project called “Vanitas” is a music video produced and animated by Gabriele Calvi for Town Portal. The story revolves around the concepts of the sleep cycle. The main character experiences different levels of their journey through sleep.


  • Non-jarring transitions between the frames.
  • Convincing use of visuals and colors to depict the dark side of sleep.
  • The concepts of abstract and symbolism improve the quality.

4. One (Pearson English)

This video comes from one of the most celebrated educational platforms. The brand uses motion graphics for its explainer videos. These videos are important to consider when the products have no physical existence like software products. These would show the backend process to operate these products for effective usage.

5. First Step (ChildLine)

Motion graphics is fascinating to use for heartfelt and sensitive subjects just like this one. The topic is sexual abuse. Motion graphics do not have to be happening and happy all the time. It can be serious with an imperative tone of somber that links to the mood and motive of the message.

6. Nights – Jesper Nyom

Another instance of motion graphics from the music industry is this masterpiece called “Nights”. The director and animator of this video is Mathijs Luijten who served Jesper Nyom.

It describes the lifestyle, body language, and mindset of a person who is going through a pandemic. The video also includes the childhood of the character who used to explore the world with freedom and recklessness.

The best part about the video:

  • Vibrant hues that manifest happy childhood.
  • Neon shades for the journey by far.
  • Convincing use of different visuals.

7. Combating Discrimination – Airbnb

Airbnb is a leading brand that has used motion graphics videos. “Combating Discrimination” animated by Conor Whelan. The video is for manifesting how Airbnb is well prepared to fight discrimination.


  • An epic choice of visuals used.
  • To the point and effective.
  • Motion graphics and other art forms improve visualization.

8. No. 7 – Mehdi Alibeygi

Motion graphics is a wise choice to use for promotional content. The compiler is Mehdi Alibeygi. The video is dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo. The depiction of his famous free-kick-taking skill mesmerizes the audience.


  • The impeccable flow of the visuals in frames.
  • Mono colors induce a sense of appropriate positioning.
  • Relevant use of football-relevant graphics.

9. A Visual Journey Through the Mind – Project Spiral

Bernd Broussard is the creator of this iconic production named “A visual journey through the mind”. The video emphasizes different levels of a person’s mindset and their influence on the individual.

The bright side of this video:

  • Smooth transitions of animations used.
  • Vibrant colors and visuals.
  • Antfood delivers pertinent music design for an effective message.

10. The Enneagram – Doug Alberts

A striking project directed by Dough Alberts and animated by Jonathan Sichak. “The Enneagram”. It shows how different people have a variable tendency toward worldly things and emotions that they might confront or get scared of.


  • It has a minimal and subtle feel to it.
  • Vibrant choice of color scheme and artwork.

11. Just Gentle Cooking (Beech Nut)

The famous food brand called “Beech Nut” uses motion graphics. The story includes how a basic kitchen counter has the ability to produce an entire food line in form of the Beech Nut products. These are of premium quality and a hundred percent hygienic as per the claim of the company.

Motion Graphics Prices

Motion graphics is a diversified art form and its projects are different from each other. For this reason, it is important to consider fluctuating price ranges of such projects. The average motion graphics prices are a minimum of $30 to $300 maximum.

The Last Say

Motion graphics is a powerful medium that can be amended for any purpose. From educational content to promotional, motion graphics has bigger opportunities for everyone. The fascinating visuals and seamless transitions are enough to persuade your audience to indulge in your products and services.

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