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Those who love traveling and are willing to discover new places at every single chance should know something – it is recommended not to have this experience on your own. And by this, you should not understand it is best not to do solo traveling. This argument has to do with something else, more exactly with the importance of finding a tour guide, who will give you plenty of information and fun facts about the new place you are exploring.

For example, one of the most beloved destinations on this Earth is undoubtedly the Zanzibar archipelago, located on the west coast of the Indian Ocean and in the east part of Tanzania. The reason why everybody loves this place has to do with its amazing surroundings. To have an idea, think of Zanzibar as a tropical paradise, with white sand and waters that are so blue that sometimes you cannot even distinguish the horizon line.

Even though you could spend days and nights here just admiring the breathtaking landscape, you would miss out on a lot of things by not contacting a Zanzibar tour guide. You will soon discover that this choice will considerably upgrade your holiday and experience!

Why do need a Zanzibar tour guide? Here are the top 3 reasons!

Still not sure you need a tour guide? Here are three arguments that will help you make up your mind!

  • There are places you cannot get to on your own

First and foremost, you need the help of a Zanzibar tour guide to reach islands and other secret spots that are not easily accessible to tourists. For example, if you want to do snorkeling on the Mnemba private island, you will need someone reliable to take you there and give you all the information you need to practice this activity safely.

Another thing you can do is visit Nakupenda, an island whose name translates to “I love you”. However, without a tour guide, not only you will not get there, you may not even find it. The island disappears during high tide, so you need someone with experience to take you there at the right time.

  • They know all the hot secrets and all the fascinating stories

Instead of strolling around the place reading Wikipedia pages, would it not be more fun to have a Zanzibar tour guide giving you all the information you need? For example, while in Stone Town, the guide will show you where Freddy Mercury was born, they will explain the fascinating history of the buildings around, and they will give you handy tips on where to buy the best souvenirs.

  • The price is more than affordable

Last but not least, you do not need to invest a great amount of money if you are interested in this service. Zanzibar Tour Guide is an agency with over 18 years of experience in the field and, over time, they have learned how to offer the best experience to all kinds of travelers.

By accessing their web platform you will discover you have plenty of activities, tours, trips, and experiences to choose from. This way, they will help you plan the perfect holiday for you and your loved ones. And you will get to live everything this tropical paradise has to offer!

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