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Spin Art is a great art activity for children of all ages. Spin Art is fun and easy for anyone to learn, whether you are looking for inspiration or a new way to express yourself creatively.

Critical Thinking

Spin Art can include both planned and unplanned elements. You can achieve the desired look by using color blocking, raindrops, or rings. The spin art machine pulls the paint outwards on the surface. This creates a sense of surprise during the creation process. To determine the next step in the creative process, artists are encouraged to take a moment to view the canvas after each spin.

It is crucial to learn color theory so that you can master mixing colors. Primary colors, such as red, yellow, or blue, cannot be mixed with other colors. However, you can make a mixture of different colors if they are mixed together.

Inspires Creativity

Once you are familiar with how to make your colors and the basics of spin art, let your imagination take over. Your creativity is the limit of your Art. Consider the best color combinations for you and continue to work on your piece till you are happy with the result.

De-Stress (Emotional Release)

Spin Art is a creative outlet that provides both enjoyment and stress relief. By creating your work, you will become more aware of the stress in life. By creating your artwork, you will release all emotional stress from your day. It’s a perfect way to express your emotions through your Art.

Create Art together is an opportunity to create a strong bond and connect. This makes it a perfect spot for a date night, a playdate with friends, or a family outing. Snip art at San Antonio is Long Island’s premier spin art venue. They also host paint and sips nights, and birthday parties, along with other public and private events.

Corporate events San Antonio provides a calendar of workshops, which will offer indoor activities that are fun for the colder months.

Team Building Activities – Spin Art

Spin Art corporate team building records will be on offer for guests. Create Art with fun, bright colors by going back in the past. Your guests will have the chance to create their Crazy Spin Art. There are six colors available, with the option of customizing color combinations depending on your event.

We provide exciting and creative events for staff to take part in during their stay. Our Spin Art hosts will guide guests through the process as they create their own crazy creations at home, fully branded using your logo.

  • Allow records to dry in approximately 10-15 minutes
  • Record sleeves are available to protect your work and allow artists to sign their masterpieces!
  • Space requirements are approximately 3 meters x3 meters. One station
  • Power requirements: 1 single plug-in (120 volts) per station
  • Color options: You have the option to choose six colors for each station. Guests can choose from all six colors for their designs.
  • Branding opportunities: Branded stickers on vinyl records and on record sleeves

Here’s The Way It Works…

Let us know what size group you have and how many hours it is for, and we will be able to recommend a package that suits your goals and budget.

Spin art team building is a fully-branded souvenir that will be available for your guests at your event.

You can just relax, have fun, and let this spin art social team-building activity take care of all the planning!

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