The Best Ways to Spend Spring Break When You’re Not Going Anywhere



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Ah yes, spring break – the promise of beach days, poolside margaritas, and time away with your friends. Unfortunately, this year looks a bit different than most, as many of us are being asked to stay at home due to various unavoidable circumstances. But what if I told you that you can still have an amazing spring break even without big plans? That’s right – there are a lot of fun, creative ways to make the most out of the time off without putting yourself under much stress. Why not check this page for spring break college, where we will be exploring some great ideas on what to do when you’re stuck at home during spring break? So put down that Pinterest board full of tropical getaways and follow along for tips on how to make it feel like an unforgettable vacation from home!

Take An Intown Vacation

Instead of going on a big trip this spring break, why not stay home and have a “stay-cation”? Every day can be an adventure as you explore your own neighborhood. Need new inspiration? Venture outside the city limits and go on some fun day trips! From picnics in the park to visiting nearby historical sites, finding things to do can be as easy as googling attractions in your area. Make sure to bring sunscreen and lots of water – safety comes first after all! Make use of your town’s tourist attractions, such as local parks, scenic lakeside walks, interesting museums, and theaters. If backyard camping isn’t your thing, then check out a never-before-visited cafe or bakery for coffee and pastries.

Or try painting lessons for a fun DIY project to pass the time away. There are plenty of activities to choose from that can help you create memories without having to leave town! What better way is there to make this memorable spring break than by rediscovering your own urban neighborhood? Who knows, you might discover something you never knew was so close to home.

Get Ahead Academically

Now that many of us are stuck at home for spring break, now is the perfect time to put your nose to the grindstone and get ahead academically! Pull out those practice problem sets, set aside some hours to study for that upcoming test or two, or even take this opportunity to dive into an extra-curricular course you’ve been meaning to try. This can be a nice opportunity to really focus on academic achievement without any interruptions or distractions from outside of our homes. It’s also a great chance to learn something new or refine skills that you already have. So pick up those textbooks and see what kind of incredible things you can accomplish!

Spend Time In Nature

Spring break is the perfect time to get out and explore what nature has to offer. You don’t need to fly somewhere exotic or spend hundreds of dollars to escape and relax – just head outside! Visit a state park, take a hike on one of your favorite surrounding trails, go bird-watching at your local park, or just lay in the grass and appreciate the quiet. No matter what you choose, step away from screens and schedules for a few days because fresh air and sunshine will give you that much-needed break while still staying close to home.

Watch Your Favorite Tv Shows And Movies

Why not turn it into a staycation and sit back with your favorite TV shows or movies to make the most of your week off? You could treat yourself to a Netflix marathon featuring comedies such as Parks and Recreation or set up an at-home movie theatre for date night with classic romance flicks like The Princess Bride. Recreate some of your local hotspots right in your living room – curl up on the couch like you’re in an old-school diner and snack on popcorn while watching the sun go down; alternatively, roll out a yoga mat and experience some afternoon zen within the comfort of your own home. These are just a few creative things you can do this spring break while still getting to enjoy all the thrills.

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to escape the norm, so why not make the most of it even if you’re not traveling anywhere? Get your creative juices flowing and explore your hometown like it’s a new destination. Go to public libraries and read books that you haven’t had time for, take photographs of historic sites, or explore unfamiliar neighborhoods. Or better yet, use some of that extra free time to do things that you don’t normally have time for—like taking a self-defense class or painting something new. Just because you’re not going on a big trip doesn’t mean it won’t be an amazing break!

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