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In China, sports have a long history dating back as far as 2,800 BC. Athletics, acrobatics, and even games such as cuju are among the most popular activities in Chinese culture. Today, a variety of popular sports are enjoyed throughout the country. 

When it comes to team sports, soccer is easily China’s most beloved. Soccer first became popular in the country during the mid-20th century, when foreign embassies and government institutions introduced the sport. Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai even gave it his support, and the country’s first official league, the Chinese Jia-A League, was established in 1956. Soccer, as expected, continues to be incredibly popular in China, with the national team competing in several major tournaments as well as the professional leagues providing plenty of entertainment for fans.

Rugby union is another team sport that continues to rise in popularity in China. The country’s rugby union team has had some impressive results of late, winning the Asian Five Nations in 2009 and the Asian Sevens Series in 2015. The nation is also home to one of the most prestigious sevens tournaments in the world, the Hong Kong Sevens. Plus, the China National Rugby Team actively competes in the annual Rugby World Cup.

On another note, basketball has become one of the most popular and accessible sports in China, thanks in part to NBA stars Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin. While the country is sometimes associated with cool, strategic sports, basketball has taken over as one of the most popular in the country. The Chinese Basketball Association’s teams—such as the Beijing Ducks, Shanghai Sharks, and Guangdong Southern Tigers—are some of the most popular sports teams in China, and the sport is played throughout the nation. Basketball has also become a common choice for physical education classes in Chinese schools.

Netball is another sport that is gaining popularity in Chinese culture. While originally developed in England during the late 19th century, netball is still relatively young in China. However, it is growing in popularity, especially for women and girls. The sport has seen a bit more exposure as of late with the organization of the 2018 Asian Netball Championships. 

Not to mention, track and field events are enormously popular in China. Athletics were celebrated in the country as far back as the Ancient Times, and the sport remains a key part of Chinese athletics. In modern times, track and field has attracted the attention of millions of viewers, and some of the most popular events include amateur marathons, running races, and even the biennial Chinese National Games.

To sum it up, a host of sports are enjoying huge popularity in China. Soccer and basketball are two of the biggest sports in the country—as they are everywhere else in the world—while rugby union, netball, and track and field events are also gaining notoriety among Chinese fans. No matter the sport, it is clear that these activities remain an integral part of Chinese culture and will continue to develop and evolve throughout the nation’s history.

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