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England and Wales are full of counties. Most of them have cricket teams of their own that participate in various tournaments organized in this part of the world. These championships can be wagered through the online bookmaker.

However, not all the teams from these counties have first-class status. The teams that are not in this condition are unable to play in championships such as the County Championship. Yet, they still have other instances where they can compete against other parts of English and Wales.

One of the tournaments that they have is the National Counties. Of course, the 1xBet website also allows visitors to wager on it.

Different kinds of teams

In the National Counties competition there are basically two kinds of teams. For example, there are teams that are not represented in first-class cricket. However, there are other squads that come from counties that also have a first-class representative of their own. Punters can visit the website in order to play while waiting to wager on those teams, regardless of their kind.

Some of the teams that participate in the National Counties include:

  • Cumberland;
  • Westmorland;
  • Cumbria;
  • Huntingdonshire;
  • and Rutland.

In total, there are approximately twenty teams that take part in the various editions of this tournament. Whenever they play, they can offer some interesting matches, which of course are featured in the 1xBet online bookmaker.

History of the competition

The history of this tournament is undeniably tied to the one of the County Championship. The latter was established in 1895. Since not all counties got first-class status, and as such, were unable to take part in that championship, the ones that didn’t obtain it decided to do something. As a result, they decided to organize their own competition, which is the one that eventually evolved to the National Counties. The kabaddi betting app download offered by 1xBet can be used to wager on this discipline, as well as on plenty of cricket matches.

As the decades progressed, many counties that didn’t get first-class status in 1895 started to get it. As such, they left the minor competition in order to join the County Championship.

Interestingly, some of the teams that were in the County Championship created their Second XI squads. They can be seen as reserve teams for the main one, and they got permission to participate in the minor tournament. However, this practice was later abolished once a separate competition for Second XIs was established. Punters can download the 1xBet betting app, which can be used to wager on these cricket matches but also on exciting kabaddi events.

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