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If you are looking for an authentic gambling experience with lucrative opportunities, then bluedragon games may be for you.

Bluedragon platform is a newcomer in the gambling industry, although it has already made its mark. Thanks to the dedicated work of experienced specialists, bluedragon offers seamless gambling with super visuals and nice sound effects. This platform is very straightforward and easy to use.

Bluedragon also offers one of the best sets of online casino games. Bluedragon games generally excel in terms of high Return to Player (RTP) percentages. These online games are becoming increasingly popular. 

So what we decided to provide an overview of some of them. Keep reading the article to learn all about the most exciting bluedragon games.

What are the top bluedragon games?

All games offered by bluedragon games platform stand out with their graphics and gameplay. Although, we believe that some of them still outshine others. Below, you can find the shortlist of the five top blue dragon titles:

Ocean King 

Ocean Kind is the go-to choice for players who are into fish games. This game offers a multiplayer option and the possibility to play with two cannons. 

As a fish game, Ocean King is very engaging – it requires quick decisions and a lot of concentration. 

Ocean King also has a fantastic in-game design too. So we definitely recommend checking it out.

Fortune Panda 

Fortune Panda is a very exciting casino slot with high RTP that stands at 96.5 percent. This game has a fantastic interface and fast-paced gameplay. Fortune Panda is a five reel game with three rows and 50 paylines, which makes it quite lucrative. 

Boy King’s Treasure 

This Egyptian-themed slot offers 20 paylines and progressive jackpots. Boy King’s Treasure involves wild symbols that can triple your rewards. 

Like Fortune Panda, it has five rows and three reels. If you are looking for an exceptional atmosphere with big chances of lucrative wins, then make sure not to miss out on Boy King’s Treasure.

Li Kui Pi Yu 

If you are into fish games, then Li Kui Pi Yu is another great choice from bluedragon games. This fish game can be played with three canons. Li Kui Pi Yu is a sea-themed game that provides the opportunity for lucrative winnings and a lot of fun by shooting down deep sea creatures. 

The game symbols vary in value so make sure to shoot the most profitable ones, like golden turtle or pufferfish. 

Cherry Love 

Cherry Love is a classic slot machine displaying traditional symbols like ring, cherry, sacred heart, poker cards, and others. This game has five rows, three reels and 30 paylines. You can wager up to USD 7.5 on each line. 

Cherry Love also has scatter symbols and lining three of them can get you surprising features. In addition to it, Cherry Love game has an option to double your winnings by guessing the color of the invisible card, which makes it even more fun to play. 

Where can I play bluedragon games?

In order to play bluedragon games, you can register on BitOfGold by visiting Registration on this online casino is super easy, just click the sign up button and fill out the application with basic information (name, email, mobile number, username, date of birth). 

While registering, you can also use a referral code, which you may get from your friend, if s/he is already a registered user on BitOfGold. 

Registration is followed by verification, and once you are done with it, you can sign in to your BitOfGold account, deposit money and pick bludragon as your main gambling platform.

Final Thoughts

With so many gambling platform options, it can be hard to choose the right one for you. However, considering the general criteria, such as safety, wide selection of games and straightforward interface, bluedragon platform is the one worth trying out, as it checks all boxes that ensure smooth gambling.

On the other hand, as we pointed out, this platform offers an extensive set of games, so knowing which one is the right option for you can be hard. So we hope our short blog helped you to better navigate yourself when you decide to play bluedragon games. 

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