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It is the era of streaming and there are more apps and services appearing day by day with all sorts of variety. Streaming is the biggest source of entertainment for the present generations and with all the variety it is difficult to choose the proper streaming service for yourself. Here is a short list of the top streaming services.


Netflix is perhaps the most popular streaming service available in the market currently. As well as being a streaming service to some of the most hit movies, it also produces its own shows and films. Like the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’, Netflix’s content is popular enough to be referenced in shows even made for other streaming services. Netflix comes with a wide variety of shows and movies of different genres with several affordable subscription plans. You can even download your favorite videos to watch later offline.


HBO has been around for quite a while. Like Netflix, not only it is a streaming service but it also produces its own shows and movies as well. It is also one of the leading streaming services in the world after producing many great hits. HBO max also has subscription plans available though it might not be available in as many countries as Netflix.


If you’re a Disney fan or even a Marvel fan, Disney+ will definitely be a good choice for you. Disney+ has all of the old Disney archives as well as a good collection of Marvel movies as well. It is also a good streaming option to watch all the new Disney movies and shows as well. It also offers pretty affordable subscription plans. However, like HBO max, it is not available in some countries either.

Hulu and Amazon Prime

These are also pretty popular streaming services available. Aside from exclusive content, a vast variety of shows, movies, and documentaries are available. Affordable subscription plans are available for both these services respectively.


IPTV, though not exclusive to creating its content, is a good option if you are looking for an all-rounder option. Not only does it have a large variety of movies available for streaming, it also provides live streaming as well. Moreover, you can even record your favorite show running to rewatch it later. The option of rewind is available as well. To access all these services, you just need assinar IPTV after setting it up and you are good to go.

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