Unhappy Cristiano Ronaldo skips Portugal vs. Morocco quarterfinal training



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Cristiano Ronaldo seems unhappy sitting on the bench and has overlooked his aftermath training session while the team is preparing for the quarterfinals.

Portugal has dropped Ronaldo for their FIFA World Cup Round of 16 match against Switzerland. Cristiano Ronaldo is a well-known personality for being the best soccer player in the world. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance dropped unexpectedly in this tournament of the FIFA World Cup 2022, leading to dissatisfaction among the fans. The reasons are not yet clear, but some opinions are being made about his current situation.  

The shocking news that came following the FIFA tournament schedule was the exit of Ronaldo from Manchester United. Fans all over the world are in shock over the retirement of one of their all-time favorite players. It was indeed a tough decision made by Ronaldo about his career, and he might be suffering some emotional distress. While he sought solace in his exit, more misery has added to his situation after appearing as a substitute player in the match against Switzerland in the round of 16. Ronaldo was quite unhappy watching the match from the bench.

However, he only lasted 17 minutes before being replaced by one of his teammates. Surprisingly, he couldn’t score a single goal. Looking at the strategies of all the teams in the FIFA 2022 event, it can be concluded that more emphasis was given to young players to explore their potential, and hence this could be one of the reasons that 37-year-old Ronaldo was not given a chance to play as a forward in the match against Switzerland.  

It seems that Ronaldo did not appreciate Fernando Santos’ decision, and this might have impacted his behavior towards the nation and the team. Although for Portugal, this was a time for celebration for their 6-1 win over Switzerland and securing their place in the quarterfinals, Cristiano looked heartbroken and did not participate in their celebration. He walked away from there. Coach Fernando Santos was enraged by this behavior.

When Santos was asked if Ronaldo would play in the next match against Morocco, he replied diplomatically that Ronaldo would be involved in the game and that all the players on the bench could be used, even if they do not appear in the starting line-up but can play later on. Ronaldo is also said to have missed his training session amidst the team’s preparations for the big quarterfinal match.

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