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Whether you are looking to establish the history of a used car you just bought or are curious about your car, a VIN lookup can help you become more knowledgeable about your automobile. 

Most platforms where you can look up VIN charges for the service, thus limiting to what extent you can use them. Additionally, some of these sites will take hours to retrieve information about a car which can be a disadvantage if you are looking to make a car-buying decision. 

VINNumberLookup is a state-of-the-art lookup service for VINs across the US that can help you access car information instantly. In this review, we will dig deeper into what the platform is about and why you should use this VIN decoder. 

Why Is VINNumberLookup The Best VIN Service? 

VINNumberLookup is a modern VIN lookup website that ranks number one in the best car information platforms available today. Unlike most lookup sites for VINs, this service is free and accessible on any internet-powered device. 

With VIN lookup from VIN Number Lookup, you can conduct an instant lookup at a car dealer to ensure that the information about the ride of choice is truthful. 

This platform has a powerful search engine that allows it to retrieve information from multiple sources, thus ensuring that you get updated data. It is also easy to use and will not require an expert database user to decode VINs. 

Get the information you need on any car for free with VIN lookup from VIN Number Lookup. Log on to the website, type in the VIN, and get results in report instantly.  

Which Searches Can I Run On VINNumberLookup? 

Other car VIN lookup services only allow you to run a single search which may be limited in the type of information it retrieves about a motor vehicle. 

Through VIN lookup from VINNumberLookup, you can conduct multiple types of searches to refine the history of any car. These include:

US VIN Number Lookup

This tool is the easiest to use and the most accurate you can get on the internet. With VIN lookup from VIN Number Lookup, you only need to key in the 17-character VIN of any car, and it will instantly give you a thorough and truthful history of the car. 

The best part about using this VIN Number Lookup is that you do not need to register an account on the website or pay any fees to access it. The lookup is also anonymous, thus ensuring that the car seller you are negotiating with never gets to know that you looked up the car before making a decision. 

License Plate Lookup

When negotiating a car purchase with a seller, it is always a good idea to run a license plate lookup on VINNumberLookup to ascertain the car performs as claimed. 

This lookup option ensures you can know more about the car’s history, including whether it was a commercial car – these vehicles are prone to rapid wear and tear. The report generated by this tool also lets you know if the car is a salvage or repossessed auto. Navigate to this page for your license plate search.

Where Does VINNumberLookup Get Car Information From? 

VINNumberLookup is the brainchild of a team of expert coders and database managers in the US. The service works similarly to how a normal Google search works and scans multiple public and private databases in just seconds to get you accurate information about a vehicle. 

The car history made available when you run a free VIN number lookup instantly comes from the following sources; 

  • Local state and government agencies, including the DMV
  • Salvage auctions
  • Car manufacturers
  • Insurers’ databases 
  • Towing services 
  • Vehicle maintenance shops 

VINNumberLookup is consistently updating its vast VIN database to ensure you can get the most up-to-date data on a car with just the 17-character VIN. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using VINNumberLookup To Search Car History?

Before using VIN lookup from VIN Number Lookup, it is essential to be aware of its merits which outnumber the demerits by a considerable margin. 


  • Instant VIN lookup
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Allows VIN decoder by brand, license plate, and VIN
  • Accessible from any internet-enabled device
  • Reports are available to print or download


  • Still a relatively new website 
  • It cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data

How To Use VINNumberLookup To Decode Vehicle VIN

You will have an easy time looking up the VIN of any automotive, thanks to the user-friendly interface of VINNumberLookup. Decode any car VIN with the following simple steps. 

Locate Vehicle’s VIN

Retrieve the VIN of the car you’d like to look up by checking the door jamb, under the hood, window pane, or dashboard, and note it down. 

Run VIN Lookup

Access the VINNumberLookup main site and key in the 17-character VIN in the search bar, then run an instant search. 

Get a Report

After a few minutes, the car’s details, including ownership chronology, repair and maintenance history, accident, and theft report, will be available in a report.


Looking up the information on any car should not be a hassle that takes days. Make it instant and efficient by using VIN lookup from VIN Number Lookup, and get access to car history gathered from reliable government organizations and other public database.

The platform is streamlined and easy to navigate, even for total tech newbies who are looking up a VIN for the first time. Use VINNumberLookup any of the three essential features to get the car’s information  including VIN decoder by brand, license plate lookup by state and VIN check by state without registering on the platform.

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