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The benefits of AME are huge and can be opted for once a student receives an AME license. Basically, a person can achieve the AME licence after satisfying all the norms of the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India. The AME course is a 2-year academic programme in which modules are conducted that are required for qualification, and the remaining 2-years will be live training in DGCA-approved organizations. One should learn all the core knowledge about the maintenance, rectification, repair, and overhauls of the aircraft and its complex systems. The safety of aircraft and their passengers is the responsibility of the skilled AME. Through AME CEE, students can study AME at top institutes in India with up to 100% scholarship. This course has numerous benefits, which are discussed below to offer a great range of knowledge to the student who is wondering whether to pursue this course in the aviation sector:

Ready to Serve in the Aviation Sector: The aviation sector has shown tremendous growth and offers a wide range of career opportunities. These engineers are highly skilled and play an important role, as they have studied academically and completed industrial training that makes them eligible to work in aviation with their innovative and creative ideas. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course allows a person to serve as manpower in several mesmerising aviation organizations, such as airlines, MRO organizations, aircraft manufacturing companies, aviation training centers, aircraft operational organizations, flying clubs, civil defence forces, etc.

Develop in the Global Market: The AME course prepares a person to execute their task in the private and government aviation sectors worldwide. When we talk about development in any field, skilled engineers have a significant role to play in that. The demand in the global market is increasing for skilled AMEs, so any engineers with licences can do work in any country. One who loves to settle abroad has great opportunities after completing the AME course. Because skilled engineers are in short supply, the world will welcome them with open arms.

Transferring knowledge to the youth: A skilled AME is someone with a high level of calibre and knowledge, whether it is core subject knowledge or practical knowledge. They have personal experience and expertise that they can share with youth for their benefit. In any profile, an exchange of knowledge can automatically increase awareness about the technicalities of the aircraft. AME can work as a lecturer in aviation training institutions to teach young people about the aircraft’s complex mechanical and electrical systems.

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