What Are the Best Free Alternatives to Google Apps?



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What are the best free alternatives to Google App? Fortunately, there are plenty of them. Google+ has many of the same features and can be a useful tool for sharing files and collaborating with colleagues, but it’s insufficient for enterprise companies. Google’s platform is not built to replace a traditional company intranet, so you’ll need to look elsewhere. The best free Google Apps alternatives are listed below.

Nextcloud is a server application that allows users to set up their own cloud storage. With it, you can build your own Google apps or services. For example, you can install free Notes to make a self-hosted clone of Google Keep. NextCloud even has bank-level security. If you’re concerned about privacy and security, you can also choose Shoebox. It offers unlimited photo storage, multiple forms of access, and high-quality backup.

Another popular Android alternative is RunKeeper, which allows users to track their runs on a map. The app also helps users set goals and track their fitness progress. And, if you’re a fan of fitness-related apps, you’ll want to give RunKeeper a try. This app has a great map interface and lets you see your progress on a map. Another popular app is Google Fit, which has Android integrations.

As data protection becomes increasingly important, more people are looking for alternatives. Because Google’s privacy policies are so high-profile, the companies behind these services have to disclose exactly what they record about their users. Ultimately, they must ensure that users’ privacy is protected. And that’s no small feat. With more than a billion monthly active users, Google’s free services are no longer completely secure.

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