What if You Strike a Pedestrian Who Is Not in a Crosswalk?



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While traversing the streets, drivers have a responsibility to drive carefully. And even if they are outside of a crosswalk, pedestrians are still more likely to sustain injuries than drivers of other vehicles.

Although pedestrians can have the right of way outside of a crosswalk, this does not mean that drivers are at fault  in a car-pedestrian accident.

Every driver of a vehicle must take reasonable steps to avoid colliding with pedestrians on any roadway. He or she can sound his horn when necessary to alert other drivers and take appropriate action if they see a kid or someone who is visibly intoxicated, confused, or incapable. 

But pedestrian accidents are bound to happen from time to time. These calls for compensation, insurance claims, and lawyers for distracted driving injuries.


What Is a Crosswalk?

A crosswalk is, technically speaking, a segment of a road where street intersections take place. It is a component of connecting or extending sidewalk boundaries. This applies to both designated and unmarked crosswalks, which are indicated by warning signs.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

There are a few factors that can raise the possibility of a car accident with a pedestrian. Even while automobiles are safer than ever now, pedestrians on our roads are not any safer than they were in earlier decades. Most pedestrian collisions occur as a result of the following:

Distracted Driving: This is without a doubt the greatest avoidable factor in an accident. Although drivers are aware that they must always be completely vigilant. They are frequently sidetracked by several factors, including mobile gadgets.

Crosswalks that are not Marked: Some pedestrian crossings are not marked. Other people have relatively subtle markings (faded paint, for example). Even if you cross a road without jaywalking, a careless driver could still hit you and send you to the hospital or the morgue.

Poor Visibility: Poor visibility can be brought on by bad weather, bad roads (such as a blind curve), bad headlights, bad mirrors, or bad headlight use. For instance, using strong headlights in a fog merely makes visibility much worse.

Left Turns: Whenever a car is expected to make a left turn into your path, pay attention to it. If so, your best option is to just assume that they are completely blind to you and adjust your crossing strategy appropriately.

Driving or Walking While Intoxicated: Intoxicated drivers may hit a pedestrian. This is because he or she is too buzzed to be completely cognizant of their surroundings. Drunk pedestrians are much more likely to ignore traffic signs, disregard the law, and cross the road in an unsafe area.

What Happens if a Car Driver Strikes a Person Who Is Not in a Crosswalk?

If you struck a pedestrian outside of a crosswalk, you may indeed submit a claim as a driver. Damages are recoverable. However, the specifics of your accident determine whether you are successful in your claim. 

Crosswalks are one place where pedestrians have the right of way. Vehicles are also required to drive carefully elsewhere.

If the pedestrian was intoxicated, the driver would also probably not be at fault in this situation. But this necessitates the services of lawyers for distracted driving injuries.

Who is a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

A lawyers for distracted driving injuries stands and defends you in a pedestrian accident case. They can expedite the claims procedure if you are hurt in one, so you can move on from the incident. An experienced lawyer for distracted driving injuries will evaluate the circumstances of the accident. They can offer you thorough advice on whether you have a legal claim, and explain the next steps.

Importance of Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

  1. Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Help Establish Negligence

The strength of your claim, like most personal injury cases, depends on your ability to establish blame and carelessness. And figuring out what a driver would do in a given circumstance is necessary to establish if a pedestrian acted negligently. Pedestrian accident lawyers can help you prove this.

  1. They Help Ensure That Insurance Companies Establish Your Claim

The insurance industry isn’t on your side when it comes to handling a pedestrian accident lawsuit, that much is clear. They seek to reduce the amount of money they pay out to you. They do this by delaying the processing of claims, downgrading your injuries, and even denying a legitimate claim.

By hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer, you safeguard yourself against insurers’ bad practices. An insurance claims adjuster will be aware that your lawyer can go to trial on your behalf. 

To avoid the expense of going to trial, this will often lead to a larger settlement offer. Your lawyers for distracted driving injuries may employ forceful legal strategies. This will help to request fair monetary compensation for your injury.

  1. They Ensure Compensation and Settlement Offers

A good compensation offer for a car accident is one that fully covers your medical costs, property damage, and lost wages. It adequately makes up for the suffering and stress you went through as a result of the accident. 

A knowledgeable lawyer for distracted driving injuries can assess your settlement proposal and let you know if it is reasonable or not. They are skilled at aggressively negotiating settlements on your behalf. They also know how to assess losses, gather proof that they can be justified, and value your case.

  1. They Help Minimize Stress

After a pedestrian accident, your primary concern should be recovering from the crash, both physically and mentally. Your stress will increase if you search for papers, engage with insurance providers, or try to launch a lawsuit.

A lawyer for distracted driving injuries can navigate through all the required paperwork to assist you in resolving your claim. These tasks relieve you of a significant load.

  1. lawyers for distracted driving injuriesHelp Prevent Costly Mistakes 

You only have a certain amount of time if you choose to file a lawsuit following your pedestrian accident. Having a lawyers for distracted driving injuriescan help guarantee you don’t miss such a crucial deadline or do other typical errors.

  1. They Understand Pedestrian Accident Laws

It might be challenging to navigate a pedestrian accident case. You might not be aware of the various laws that will apply to your case unless you have legal experience. A lawyer for distracted driving injuries will be familiar with and adept at navigating all relevant laws. They help explain federal, state, and local laws that are pertinent to your case.

  1. They Help Save Time and Money

You will ultimately save time and money by working with a pedestrian accident lawyer. Using lawyers for distracted driving injuries guarantees a larger financial recompense than representing yourself. This is true even after deducting attorney’s costs, even though this may seem illogical given that you must pay attorney’s fees.

Qualities of a Good Pedestrian Lawyer

Compassionate: Find a pedestrian accident attorney with compassion. And also respectful, and dignified demeanor will help you maintain composure.

Diligent and Respectful: A lawyer should be diligent and informed in their area of practice. You shouldn’t hire a lawyer who acts haughtily and talks over you. You do need to find someone knowledgeable about the requirements of your particular case.

Expertise in Managing Similar Cases: They should have experience handling pedestrian accident instances. You should also look for a lawyers for distracted driving injurieswho has triumphed in cases that are similar to your own.

Communicative: Find a lawyer for distracted driving injuries who will communicate with you on your level. Even if that means explaining legal concepts in everyday language.

Driven and Passionate: Look for lawyers for distracted driving injuries who are driven and passionate about their line of work.


To avoid pedestrian accidents pedestrians should utilize pedestrian-only lanes, crosswalks, bridges, and tunnels. Respecting traffic control signals and equipment will also help.

The importance of safe crosswalks must be emphasized, and they must be properly marked and placed.

It is advised to hire an experienced lawyer for distracted driving injuries if you struck a pedestrian. After a terrifying accident, you can rest, relax, and experience more peace of mind by hiring a pedestrian accident attorney.

To relieve yourself of the burden of legal responsibility, entrust your case to a lawyer. Your pedestrian can make sure you have what you require. These include a top-notch medical provider and responses to your legal inquiries.

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