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If you still have not decided on the best visual editor, this article will help you with that. This allows you to choose between Canva and Photoshop for the most comfortable and useful use of it.

So, you could download canva app for Windows to get the most useful set of functions for editing pictures and photos. But Photoshop is the best option too, and now, we suggest you study some features of each of them to choose the best option for you.

Canva vs Photoshop

In short, Canva is a web-based graphic design platform that has many comfortable image editing tools in the hands of non-professional users. That is, it facilitates the editing process and helps users to create beautiful designs very quickly.

At the same time, Photoshop is a legendary high-performance app for photo editing and graphic design, which is more suitable for professionals in photography and drawing. It will help you to create very beautiful and powerful pictures and photos, but to do this, you will have to learn this. To use Photoshop skillfully, you will need to pass special training courses from professionals.

The choice between Canva and Photoshop: some factors

There are several features by which you should decide which program is best for you:

  • interface type;
  • feature set;
  • the level of skill required for its usage.

First, we have no doubt that Canva has the most clear and convenient look and set of tools. This is the best option for beginners, but this does not mean that Canva is a weak program. However, Photoshop has an incredibly heavy structure and you will surely get entangled in its interface if you use this program for the first time or if you do not have a special skill for this usage.

Photoshop has a lot of extensions, plugins and additional services that are available for use not only on computers, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Canva has many apps too, but the scope of services provided by this program is much less than from Photoshop.

Canva is really easier to use than Photoshop because it is less complicated and does not require you to take special training courses. Photoshop is difficult, but you will be able to master this program if you take enough time.

We have already said about the extensions and apps, but we want to clarify that Canva and Photoshop are available for installing on personal computers, iOS and Android. You should remember that Canva is a web platform for online design that does not require high performance from your computer or tablet. However, you cannot use it if you do not have an Internet connection. On the other hand, you will need a computer or graphics tablet that is at least middle class in the issue of specifications so that you can install and start using Photoshop on your device. But it does not require you to connect to the Internet.

Finally, there is another important feature that you should remember while you choose between these two images editing programs. This is a pricing that may surprise you. So, Photoshop is cheaper than Canva if you buy the base version for the Photography plan. Otherwise, Canva will cost you less.

So we have no doubt that Canva and Photoshop are legendary tools that will be useful to you. Maybe both will be useful to you. But there are some differences between them that may affect your decision on what software you should buy and download. Now, surely you have a clear idea of which program is optimal for you. You can always write in the comments if you have outstanding questions. Anyway, we wish you comfortable use of any program for editing and beautiful images!

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