Which Foods Are Healthier Than You Think?



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A recent review of 50 studies found that the amount of sugar in a person’s diet predicted his or her weight gain. This was true in both women and men. While sugar is a necessary part of any diet, it is often hidden in other foods. Many processed foods disguise sugar as health food, but there are many more options available. Read on to discover which foods are healthier than you think. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to improve your overall health and diet.

There are plenty of ways to boost your energy levels and make a diet that is easier on your wallet. One of the best ways to start is to read the labels of foods at fast-food restaurants. Look for the Nutrition Facts label. This will help you compare the food side by side and see which is healthier. Also, look for “low-fat” foods, as these are often high in calories and sugar.

Banana bread: A great dessert that is low in calories and sugar is banana bread. But beware of the hidden sugars in these baked goods. Banana bread contains a ton of sugar and white flour. Avoid deli meats and processed meats. The deli variety is filled with artificial flavors, sodium, and nitrates. Pretzels are another tempting but unhealthy option. They spike your blood sugar and leave you feeling hungry.

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