Which Musical Genre Has the Worst Lyrics?

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I have always wondered, which musical genre has the worst lyrics. Obviously, pop music is the worst, and the lyrics are generally whiny, but there are other categories as well. Hip hop lyrics are downright offensive, and country music lyrics are dreadful. But if you want to know which musical genre has the worst lyrics, then you need to know which genre makes the most sense for your taste.

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The answer is heavy metal, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Death metal, for example, screams about death and dying, and it doesn’t sound like the most epic genre. It sounds like a great way to scare the pants off of a meathead, but the lyrics are worthless. The music is unintelligible, and the bands writhe about their guitars in exaggerated tones.

Rap songs have no redeeming qualities. The lyrics are almost always repetitive, with a general theme of money, sex, drugs, and crime. Moreover, many supposedly “talented” rappers outsource their lyrics to people with less talent, and autotune their music. As a result, many of today’s rap songs sound like a bunch of people screaming at the microphone.

Thankfully, there is an exception to this rule. One such song is Anyone Can Play Guitar by Radiohead. Though the lyrics are bad, it doesn’t matter, because the song itself is amazing. And don’t forget that Jim Morrison wasn’t the guitar player in The Doors. Despite the gloomy lyrics, the song itself is a masterpiece. Just be thankful you didn’t have to sing it to get the lyrics.

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