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Many individuals know that the first sim number, 037 was formerly the sim number 0167 for the Viettel network. Following the implementation of the circular issued by the Ministry of Communications, the 11-digit sims will be changed into 10-digit sims, and the head number will be changed to the 037 number currently in use.

You are aware, as a result, that strong house Sim So Dep 037 is a part of the Viettel network and is among the most frequently utilized safe houses by many individuals.

The Viettel network operator is regarded as one of the network providers who offer a high level of service quality in addition to a plethora of enticing bonuses. Therefore, how you use the first sim number, 037, will contribute to the overall quality of the experience that users have.

The remarkable thing about the digital sim line of today is that not only is it used as a method of communication, but it is also worn as jewelry to show the user’s social status.

Because of this, many people are looking for lucky lines. Because according to feng shui, things that are lucky, favorable, and successful can be summed up as a combination of several different things, including sim numbers.

When users sign up, they are given the first sim number 037, which is one of the most well-known network operators in the market at this time when Viettel accounts for 46% of the market share. This is the first unique feature that is provided to users.

In addition, this network operator provides users with a consistent and unbroken experience, whether in a rural, urban, or remote area.

In addition, users who have previously owned a first sim number 037 will assuredly experience extremely good outcomes in all aspects of their lives. Consequently, sim 037 will be an excellent option for users.

Why has sim number 037 been so widely used by many individuals?

The main reason that individuals tend to use the first sim number, 037, is that they expect to gain the same fortunate outcomes that they have had before. Therefore, they can see a direct link between the luckiness and feng shui of the first sim number 037 and its connections to their personal lives.

Among the first sim numbers, binomial 037 is the highest number among all of them. The original binomial 037 was born in 1977, making it one of the oldest numbers that many individuals have ever used.

This is because this number was first introduced in Vietnam before it was spread out to all corners of Asia, as well as Europe and America. As a result, this number will make you feel that you are entering a very good environment, allowing you to experience luckier events than usual.

Should I follow the number 037?

As a result of being used in a particular network operator, sim number 037 will leave you feeling fortunate and happy. However, there are no rules that mandate you to buy this number.

For this reason, you should carefully consider whether or not you will use it before getting it. You can also always ask for a certain sim number and check out if the numbers start with 037.

The first sim number, 037, is used as an identification tool, which is not the same as being a lucky number. It would be best if you remembered that you could not use sim number 037 to expect to obtain something you did not ask for. Furthermore, there are no set rules on how to use it.

Therefore, if you want to use this number, then do so and make sure that you will be able to experience luckier events and outcomes than ever before

The first sim number, 037 is more than a number; it is a number that will bring you closer to success. Therefore, you should consider getting this number and experiencing the same outcomes many others have.


Viettel sim number 037 is the safest option for you to buy. You can use it easily, bringing you closer to luckier events and outcomes than ever.

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