Why Switch From Candy to a Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar?



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The reason why traditional candy and chocolate bars are so popular with the public is that they taste wonderful. We’re surrounded by it in every grocery store and garage we visit, so it’s quite hard to ignore. As tasty as it is though, we’re here to tell you that there is a better option that’s just as tasty and it comes in the form of the chocolate brownie protein bar

Not much difference, you might say, but there is a HUGE difference between the two. To clarify things, let’s take a closer look first at your average candy bar to see they compare.

A 2 Ounce Candy Bar Contains Up to 280 Calories

In your average 2-ounce candy bar, you’re going to find around 280 calories, however, when you look at good chocolate brownie protein bar products, the calorie count does vary. Depending on which brand you go for, you could be talking about as little as 150 calories, although calories are in essence bad, so long as you stick to the recommended daily levels. 

Much more importantly, however, the 280 calories you get from candy are going to contain pretty much zero in terms of nutrition and elements that help your health. The next time you buy some candy, take a look at the ingredients table. The only columns that have numbers in them will be sugar and fat, as that’s all you’re going to get, meaning that any energy it provides will quickly dissipate. 

Protein That Limits Carbs Is Key 

The difference between the benefit you get when eating a chocolate brownie protein bar and candy can be vast. You see protein bars – as the name suggests – are packed with protein as well as a host of other macronutrients that make up most of the calories. That means you’re not simply eating sugars – you’re eating proper fuel that will help to build muscle and more.

Compare that again to regular candy that contains nothing but ‘empty’ calories, and you soon see the wisdom of side-stepping them for something ultimately better for you, your body and your mind. 

The Taste Difference is Negligible 

Let’s look now at the practical side of moving away from candy to something better. Are protein bars as tasty? Well, if you did a blind test, you might not be able to tell the difference. Sure, they’re going to be chewier, but no less sweet or satisfying. Are they a good substitute that won’t leave you more tired than before you ate them? Yes. Yes, they are! 

At the point of the day when you feel like you need a pep, the difference between chowing down on your regular chocolate bar and one packed with protein is negligible. Essentially, moving to protein bars is a bit of a no-brainer! 

Try a Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar & Taste the Difference

So, whether you’re an active person or not, switching to a protein-based chocolate brownie really isn’t much of a move away from candy. That said, the two couldn’t be more different when you look at what’s inside. Whichever you slice a brownie – it’s always going to taste great, right?

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